Barn Find Wagon: 1956 Willys

June 25, 2016 willys, wagon, 4x4

After sitting idle for 10 years, the seller of this Willys Wagon has decided to offer it for sale. Described as running when parked, this wagon looks straight and rust free and makes us (optimistically) think it wouldn't take too much to get it back on the road.

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Ready for the Masters: 1961 Willys FC170

April 05, 2016 willys, fc, 4x4

This 1961 FC170 is located in Georgia, about 3 hours south of Augusta National. We don't know how welcome it would be on Magnolia Lane or at the champion’s dinner, but the original paint looks like it would match a green jacket just about perfectly.

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Look What the Algorithm Dragged in: 1951 Willys Wagon

In addition to writing about cars, write code here in the Moto Roster garage (that's what pays the bills and lets us buy cars). We've been working on some tools that will let us find more interesting cars, from more sources, with less effort. It's still a work in progress but we're getting results. Here's an example of one that bubbled up: a 1951 Willys Wagon

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Short on Details: 1960 Jeep FC-170

February 15, 2016 jeep, willys, 4x4, FC

Details are scare on this 1960 Jeep FC-170 offered for sale in Amarillo, TX. It looks like its current use is an advertising vehicle which may not bode well for mechanical condition, but even so, it could be a great start for an FC project.

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No Minced Words: Scruffy 1956 Willys Truck

February 04, 2016 willys, truck

The seller of this 1956 Willys Truck isn't much for elocution, but we like what we see in the photos and the down to earth asking price.

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Semper Fi: 1955 Willys Marine

January 26, 2016 jeep, 4x4, willys

We have a bias towards FJ's when it comes to topless, vintage 4x4's, but there's something undeniably cool about category-creating archetype.

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In Constant Use Since 1951: Willys Truck

January 13, 2016 truck, willys, patina

We're already calling about shipping costs to get this thing back from Denver, but we thought we'd be nice and share.

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