Odd 5 - 1998 BMW 525 tds wagon

We feature our share of German turbo diesel wagons, but almost all of them feature a tri star badge on the grill. This BMW 525 tds is a model we've never seen in person and we'd be interested in the story of how it ended up in Canada.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: 1994 530i 5-Speed Wagon

April 13, 2017 bmw, wagon, 5-speed

If we're being picky, there are lots of red flags here. 215,000 miles, rust bubbles, plenty of overspray from a "four stage paint job" that photos seem to show was applied in a warehouse. We could go on, but it's a 5-speed V8 BMW wagon. We're happy to at least pretend those red flags don't exist for a bit.

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Roof Rack Delete: 1988 Audi 5000 S Wagon

March 19, 2017 audi, wagon

Sporting an automatic transmission and lacking the Quattro and turbo of its fancier CS brother, this stripped-down avant might seem like an easy pass at first. Upon further review though, the sleek lines, red paint, and cheap price make us think this 5000 would be a great alternative to something more pedestrian like a 740 if you're in the market for an 80's Euro wagon.

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Machine Learning: 1979 300TD Wagon

We're continuing to help machines take our jobs by training our rudimentary TensorFlow implementation to find cool cars. Turns out this stuff is sort of tricky - who'd have thought something developed by PhDs at Google would be a bit complex? At any rate, it did surface this early diesel Benz wagon so we feel like we're on the right track.

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Gas Guzzler Grocery Getter: 2005 S4 Wagon

February 19, 2017 audi, s4, wagon, AWD

Though we're partial to the B5 body style, it's hard to argue with the appeal of the V8, 6-speed, wagon combination found in this B6. This wagon grew up in the mountains, and is currently on offer in Missouri. We're thinking maybe it should continue its trek East to join the Moto Roster garage as a combo daily driver / rubber smoker.

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3 Pedal 3 Series: 2004 BMW 325xi Wagon

We had a very similar E46 wagon in the Moto Roster fleet for a bit, and though it is one of our favorite BMW body styles, it never really lived up to our expectations. That was mainly due to the fact that our wagon was short one pedal and lacking in fun factor. This one fixes that issue and has a few other nice details that could make it a great driver.

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Jim's Jeep: 1981 Jeep Wagoneer

January 04, 2017 jeep, wagoneer, 4x4

We've got vintage 4X4's on the brain as of late. We know that winter isn't the time to be buying them, nor the time to be selling coupes to make garage space, but such is the Moto Roster syndrome. This 1981 Wagoneer is scruffy, but clean (for Western, PA at least) and is billed as the personal vehicle of a local, somewhat-eccentric car dealer (the aforementioned Jim).

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Swedish Rocket: 2004 Volvo V70 R

December 26, 2016 volvo, wagon, V70 R

There's only a short description provided by the seller of this 2004 V70 R but all it really needs is a phone number. We figure the only reason it hasn't sold yet is because it was posted on Christmas day.

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Checks All of the Boxes: 1989 BMW 325ix Wagon

December 23, 2016 bmw, 325ix, AWD, wagon

These aren't quite the unobtanium vehicles that they once were now that 25 years have passed and they're easier to import, but this one is still tantalizing. It has all of the right options and is only a few hours away from Moto Roster HQ which could make for a dangerous situation. It would look great with a red bow on it for anyone scrambling to do some last minute shopping for us.

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You Had Me At Tan & Diesel: 1980 Mercedes 300TD Wagon

November 10, 2016 mercedes, wagon, diesel

On top of the fact that it’s tan and a diesel, this Benz is also a wagon with a manual transmission, and blue MB-Tex interior. If you add all of that together, this may represent about the most Moto Roster vehicle ever.

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80’s Late Bloomer: 1991 Audi 200 Avant

In our last feature, we preached that now is the time to buy (and maybe get a deal on) a "non traditional" winter car. We're ignoring our own advice now as we showcase one of the consummate snow cars of the late 80s and early 90s. In a time before SUVs were common, the mountain roads leading to ski resorts from Colorado to Vermont were crawling with these luxo-snowmobiles - and for good reason.

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Ohio Comet: 1961 Mercury Comet Wagon

October 01, 2016 mercury, comet, wagon

Now that fall is in the air we've been leaning towards featuring 4WD vehicles in preparation for winter. A rear wheel drive wagon from the 60's powered by a little straight six mated to a 2 speed transmission might be the antithesis of a winter vehicle, but we like a challenge. It's amazing what you can do with some winter tires and a few hundred pounds of ballast.

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Practical Classic? 1980 Mercedes 300 Diesel Wagon

September 01, 2016 mercedes, diesel, wagon

There aren't many vintage cars that could serve family duty in any kind of practical way. While we'd still be leery about strapping a child seat into this wagon on the daily, we think it would be a great weekend ice cream cruiser and also provide utility in "real life."

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V8 Wagon Swap: 2000 BMW E39 Wagon

This BMW started its life as a 528i wagon but it's now sporting a 4.4 liter V8 and a 6 speed. The circumstances that lead to this swap are somewhat questionable but the appeal of a 6-speed, V8, rear-wheel drive wagon is strong.

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Big 5 Beater: 2007 BMW 530xi Wagon

July 22, 2016 bmw, wagon

We've featured some more stellar examples of these rare 6-speed 5 series wagons before, but this one is more in the bargain category. It has plenty of bumps and bruises on the outside and non trivial mileage, but some recent service and an $8,000 buy it now price makes us think we could be riding in style this winter.

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5 Series Meet 6 Speed: 2008 BMW 535XI Wagon

June 27, 2016 bmw, wagon

These 5 series wagons seem to be much more common now that they've trickled down to second and third owners. Everytime we see one on the street we peek inside and 99 times out of 100 we're disappointed to see only two pedals. This one not only has the 6 speed, but the big motor, and some Dinan goodies to go with it.

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Barn Find Wagon: 1956 Willys

June 25, 2016 willys, wagon, 4x4

After sitting idle for 10 years, the seller of this Willys Wagon has decided to offer it for sale. Described as running when parked, this wagon looks straight and rust free and makes us (optimistically) think it wouldn't take too much to get it back on the road.

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Tony's Wagon: 1965 Fiat Familiare

June 15, 2016 fiat, wagon

This little wagon is a rare site in the states and is a real juxtaposition with today's "small" cars. This Fiat packs a 4 door wagon into about the same footprint as a modern Mini coupe. Low mileage, a recent refreshing, and a clean interior could make this unique Fiat an interesting driver.

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Swede Speed: 2006 Volvo V70 R

June 07, 2016 volvo, wagon, AWD

While we consider the 850 R to be the pinnacle of Swedish (and perhaps all) wagonry, this 2006 V70 R is hard to ignore. With its turbocharged 5 cylinder, all wheel drive, and manual transmission, it more than holds its own with today's offerings. Thanks to Moto Roster member Dimitry B for the tip on this little red wagon.

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Little Blue Bi-Turbo: 2000.5 Audi S4 Avant

May 26, 2016 audi, s4, wagon

This lightly modded S4 Avant looks great in Santorin Blue over two-tone leather and alcantara seats. Low-ish miles, subtle mods, and some recent service could make this a good choice for someone looking for a B5 S4 wagon. Even with all that, and the fact that clean examples are getting more rare, we're not sure about the $10,000 asking price.

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Cheap Thrill Wagon: 2000 BMW 3 Series

May 24, 2016 BMW, wagon

We're all over any car that can handle a non-trivial trip to Home Depot and break the rear end loose pulling out of the parking lot. This BMW has those boxes checked with its wagon body, straight 6 motor, and 5 speed transmission wrapped in a $4,000 price tag.

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The 90's Dream Wagon : 1990 Audi 200 Avant

With 200,000 miles on it, this 1990 Audi 200 Avant has its share of bumps and bruises but even 25 years later its design is still striking. We remember when we first saw the complicated spoiler-split rear glass with the gigantic "quattro" defroster lines and even now we wouldn't mind seeing it our own garage.

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Tercel Take 2: 1986 Toyota Tercel 4WD

When we started Moto Roster and decided to feature cars that we come across during our searches for Moto Roster member cars, we never thought "I wonder how often we'll feature Tercels?" So, we're surprised that we're writing up another 4WD example less than 3 weeks after we just featured one, but here we are.

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Fresh off the Boat: 1983 Mercedes Benz 230TE

April 23, 2016 mercedes, wagon

We don't see too many manual Mercedes wagons on our shores, let alone one with less than 40,000 miles on it. This nicely specced 1983 230TE was imported last year and looks neat and tidy. This is our second petrol Mercedes in as many days but this low mileage wagon is more than worth it.

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When Toyota Used to Get Weird: 1984 Tercel SR5

A Four wheel drive, 5 speed (quasi-6 speed), wagon with a plaid interior? We’re in. If we were to average all of the cars ever featured on Moto Roster, the Toyota Tercel SR5 may be the Frankenstein's monster result and we're ok with that. It's funny how a car that we used to nearly despise can start to make sense and even become desirable.

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30 Years Ahead of its Time: 1985 AMC Eagle

Way before today's crossovers blurred the line between wagon and SUV, and even before an SUV was really a thing, there was the AMC Eagle. We have to admit that we never cared for these cars when they were more commonly seen, but they've somehow evolved into an interesting piece of 80's American Automotive engineering that we wouldn't mind driving.

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Soccer Mom with a 389: 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Safari

Normally we'd shy away from any car that had both an air ride suspension, and a seller who talked about "patina" but we can't help but like this 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Safari. We're more into the air conditioning than the air bags, but either way this dry survivor could be a great cruiser.

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Rare Rear Engine: 1962 Corvair Monza Wagon

It's no secret that we love wagons, just browse through our featured cars. When it comes to rear engines our aspirations are more Stuttgart-focused, but they were originally seeded by our father's love of Corvairs: especially the Monza. So, if we combine a wagon, a “big” motor in the back, and some strong familial ties, this 1962 Corvair Monza is about custom made for Moto Roster.

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A Tale of 2 Turbo Diesels: Mercedes Benz 300TD Wagons

Two diesel wagons left West Germany a year apart from one another in the 80's. They each spent the next 30+ years in the United States and they both racked up over 300,000 miles. One did it in the Southern California sun, and one looks to have served the prep-school set in Connecticut. Now, they both find themselves for sale on eBay. Maybe one buyer could reunite them?

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2 Owner Shooting Brake: 1973 Volvo P1800ES

Though the looks of the P1800 coupes are inarguably great, the ES can be a bit divisive. Shooting brakes aren't for everyone, and we can't imagine this in a 1973 showroom when the Ford dealer up the road was selling Torinos. Moto Roster loves all things wagon so you know where we stand, and this 2-owner, last model year P1800ES could be the one that brings the naysayers to the light.

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Mean Green: 1950 Dodge Power Wagon

This 1950 Dodge Power Wagon has lots of new parts underneath a nicely used but not used up exterior. With an 8 foot bed, and what look to be 1 ton+ springs in the back, the guys at Home Depot with sheetrock hanging out of their 5 foot beds will have no choice but to bow down.

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Look What the Algorithm Dragged in: 1951 Willys Wagon

In addition to writing about cars, write code here in the Moto Roster garage (that's what pays the bills and lets us buy cars). We've been working on some tools that will let us find more interesting cars, from more sources, with less effort. It's still a work in progress but we're getting results. Here's an example of one that bubbled up: a 1951 Willys Wagon

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Hot Rod Winter Beater: 2002 Audi S4 Avant

February 19, 2016 audi, s4, wagon

Even though it's 15 years old, and a bit hampered by an automatic, we think this 2002 Audi S4 would be the ultimate winter beater. For $3,500 we'd roll the dice on a a bi-turbo with 200k miles on it. Even if you only get a season or two out of it, it would still be worth it to say you had a near supercar as your winter ride.

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5 Cylinder Syncro: 1986 VW Quantum Syncro

February 10, 2016 vw, syncro, wagon

Full disclosure, we grew up in a Kalahari Beige 1987 Quantum wagon so we may be looking at this through rose colored glasses. That car began our love of German wagons, and we don't see how things could be anything but improved with the addition of AWD and a 5-speed.

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Very Special Order: 2001 BMW 325 Wagon

February 03, 2016 bmw, wagon

A 5-speed, straight 6, rear wheel drive station wagon with a red leather interior? That's more than enough for us to ignore the "unique" orange livery on this BMW Wagon. And, if we're being honest we kind of dig the orange anyway.

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Rescue Mission: 1969 Dodge Power Wagon

January 26, 2016 dodge, powerwagon, 4x4

We need someone to launch a rescue mission ASAP. Save this 1969 Dodge Power Wagon from the indignity it's suffering with those wheels!

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Ridiculously Good Looking: 32K mile 230TE Wagon

January 14, 2016 mercedes, wagon

This wagon looks so good, and has such low miles, we're willing to overlook the seller's dispariging remarks about the sacred 3.0 diesel that this gray market Merc eschews for a 2.3.

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What could go wrong? High Mileage 2003 Audi Allroad

January 12, 2016 audi, german, wagon

We at Moto Roster HQ were seduced and burned by a similar 6-speed Allroad a few years back. Maybe this one with double the miles and lots of performance mods would serve us better?

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