Investment Grade Swede: 1974 Volvo 142

January 14, 2017 volvo, coupe, 142

Our knowledge of Volvos starts with 240's and ends with 850's with a bit of carry over into the modern era so we're not terribly familiar with these 140 cars. What we do know is that it's a coupe, it's in incredible condition, and we're way into it.

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Swedish Rocket: 2004 Volvo V70 R

December 26, 2016 volvo, wagon, V70 R

There's only a short description provided by the seller of this 2004 V70 R but all it really needs is a phone number. We figure the only reason it hasn't sold yet is because it was posted on Christmas day.

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Swede Speed: 2006 Volvo V70 R

June 07, 2016 volvo, wagon, AWD

While we consider the 850 R to be the pinnacle of Swedish (and perhaps all) wagonry, this 2006 V70 R is hard to ignore. With its turbocharged 5 cylinder, all wheel drive, and manual transmission, it more than holds its own with today's offerings. Thanks to Moto Roster member Dimitry B for the tip on this little red wagon.

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2 Owner Shooting Brake: 1973 Volvo P1800ES

Though the looks of the P1800 coupes are inarguably great, the ES can be a bit divisive. Shooting brakes aren't for everyone, and we can't imagine this in a 1973 showroom when the Ford dealer up the road was selling Torinos. Moto Roster loves all things wagon so you know where we stand, and this 2-owner, last model year P1800ES could be the one that brings the naysayers to the light.

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