A Sleeper Sleeper: 2011 Toyota Sienna

Stay with us -- ignore the whole "boring" Toyota Sienna thing and just look at the stats. All Wheel Drive, pop up roof, Propex heater, heavy duty towing package, and an extra deep cycle battery for goodies. Throw in a factory Toyota warranty and suddenly our interest is piqued.

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430 Miles Per Year: 1986 Vanagon Syncro

This will be a quick write-up for a slow car. With only 13,109 miles on the clock, we would guess this van has to be in the running for the lowest mileage Syncro Vanagon in existence. It looks like it just rolled out of a VW showroom in 1986 and we're hoping that the stereo comes with a "Stuck with You" cassingle in it.

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Triple Brown: 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro

October 05, 2016 vw, vanagon, syncro

This 1987 Syncro Vanagon is finished in "Merian Brown" and looks good as a tin top instead of the normal pop tops that we often see sporting this color. It looks like a repaint based on the shine level + bubbling seams, but things look solid underneath and clean inside. This could be a solid Syncro for a decent price.

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Westy + Weekender: 2003 EuroVan with matching Trailer

This low mileage 2003 Eurovan is enticing enough with the best-of-both-worlds Weekender package that allows for comfortable camping without sacrificing daily van functionality. Adding what's billed as a 2016 pop top camper that has been retrofitted from another Eurovan makes for a great combo that can tackle anything from soccer practice to months long road trips.

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Not Fast But Furious: 1977 GMC Vandura 4x4

What this GMC van lacks in speed, it makes up for in just about every other category. With a new crate motor paired up with a period Pathfinder 4x4 conversion, it will get you just about anywhere. That said, you might still need to keep an eye on the 33 gallon tank to make sure you have enough fuel for it to get you back.

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Who Needs Airbnb?: 1991 Ford E-Series 4x4

April 10, 2016 ford, 4x4, van

Though we love the Syncro Vanagon that's currently housed in the Moto Roster HQ garage, there's something to be said for taking the same 4x4 van recipe and amping it up in every possible way. The Quigley conversions are the gold-standard for these Ford-based adventurers, but this homemade F-250 meets E-150 mash-up looks like it's up to just about any task.

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Schnitzel Food Truck Conversion? 1969 Mercedes Benz Fire Van

January 28, 2016 mercedes, van

We have no idea what we would do with it, but that doesn't stop us from being inexplicably drawn to it.

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Rare in the US: 1990 VW Diesel Syncro Eurovan

January 23, 2016 vw, van, syncro, 4x4

We always want to like Eurovans but we can never quite do it. This Canadian import might change all that.

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