Late Model Crew Cab: 1986 VW Bus

January 29, 2017 vw, bus, truck

We've always liked these dual cab VW buses and this Brazilian-built truck has our attention. It has some of the telltale signs of a quick flip, but we're also intrigued by the air-cooled twin-carb setup along with factory disc brakes offered by this final year dual cab.

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Crazy Clean: Low Mile 1987 Toyota Pickup

September 05, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4, 22R

This low mileage 1987 Toyota Pickup was a "vacation truck" on an island home in Washington state which sounds like a pretty good life to us. After accumulating only 35,000 miles over its first 25 years, it moved to sunny LA with its current owner and picked up another 30k miles along with a good deal of service.

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El Benzo: 1988 Mercedes Benz S-Class Pickup

We've seen a bunch of Mercedes truck conversions before, but we don't recall seeing one that started life as an S-Class and sports a big gas V8. While some of the color choices are questionable, the quality of this conversion looks like it wasn't just the result of having a few too many Bitburgers one night.

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Michigan by way of Switzerland: 1971 Land Rover 110

We love the stance of this 110 pickup that has found its way to Grand Rapids, Michigan after growing up in Switzerland. Maybe it's just the first photo with the Jura Mountains (we assume) in the background, but we're way into this 110 -- petrol motor and all.

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Now That's a Truck: 1965 IH C-1000

June 21, 2016 IH, truck

While the Travelette's get a lot of love from us for their quirky quad-cab layout, this C-1000 is about as pure an expression of "just truck" as has ever been committed to steel.

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Roll the Dice on a Diesel: 1980 Toyota HJ45

Though we have generally heard nothing but nightmare stories about Land Cruisers that have been imported from Costa Rica, this one has a reasonable "Buy it Now" price as well as our attention. These pickups are hard to come by and though this one is far from original, it's difficult for us not to look at it through rose colored glasses of possibility.

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Forget the Unimog: 1984 MAN G90 4x4 Rescue Vehicle

Thinking about a privateer Dakar campaign and need a vehicle to support the effort? Looking for the right base for your ultimate overland RV? Tired of needing to haul 5 or 6 tons of cargo through blizzard conditions and not having a vehicle that's up to the task? We've got just the vehicle for you.

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Little Longbed: 1978 Toyota Pickup

March 31, 2016 toyota, truck

This Toyota Pickup is claimed to be all original and looks the part. It's fully loaded with the 20RE engine, optional 5-speed, and a long bed. 18k miles are listed and not elaborated on, which is hard to believe -- but then again it is incredibly clean.

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Low and Slow: 1988 Chevrolet 3+3

If you're looking to haul 6 people as well as an additional 3,000 pounds, this 1988 Chevy 3+3 should fit your needs nicely. Converted to a 6.5L Detroit Diesel and sitting on a lowered (or shot?) suspension, this unique ex-military truck could still have lots of service left in her.

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Hauling 3 Tons of Books: 1952 GMC ex-Bookmobile

March 19, 2016 gmc, coe, truck

Normally we think of these big COE trucks handling dirty, heavy duty tasks like hauling cars, or towing other trucks. This one was built for a more genteel and learned, but equally taxing job: hauling around a few tons of books and their biblio-related accoutrements.

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Crazy Clean: Low Mileage 1995 Tacoma Xtra Cab

February 25, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4

We normally see these with about 5x as many miles, so this 1995 Toyota Tacoma with only 41k miles seems to have led a pampered Pacific Northwest life.

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Scruffy Scrambler: 1982 JEEP CJ-8

February 25, 2016 jeep, 4x4, truck

Our preferences for oddball 4x4s usually tend toward Rovers and FJs but there's something to be said for some good old American engineering. With prices increasing on CJ-8's across the board, this $6,900 runner could be a great chance to get into something you can drive and sort as you go.

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No Minced Words: Scruffy 1956 Willys Truck

February 04, 2016 willys, truck

The seller of this 1956 Willys Truck isn't much for elocution, but we like what we see in the photos and the down to earth asking price.

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Labor and Love (and beer): Custom Vanagon Doublecab

January 23, 2016 vw, truck, custom

There are lots of custom VW communities out there. This Vanagon embraces all of them.

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In Constant Use Since 1951: Willys Truck

January 13, 2016 truck, willys, patina

We're already calling about shipping costs to get this thing back from Denver, but we thought we'd be nice and share.

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More Questions than Answers: Toyota 6x6

Say you've got a nice, low mileage 22RE in a rust free truck. You'd do what anyone would, right? Make it into a 6x6.

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