Diesel Commonwealth Cruiser: 1986 Toyota HJ60

This 60 series Land Cruiser is checking a lot of boxes for us. The diesel motor, scruffy but serviceable condition, and PA inspection sticker combined with spring temperatures have us wondering what Central PA breweries we'll stop at while we're driving it back to Moto Roster HQ. We're even thinking we can spin the automatic transmission as making this a practical family car in a pinch.

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Root Beer Runner: 1987 Toyota 4Runner

March 12, 2017 4runner, toyota, 4x4

We've been flirting with the idea of adding a 2017 4Runner to the Moto Roster fleet as a daily driver / grocery store giant. While this 1987 example doesn't have 10% of the modern conveniences (or safety features) of the 30-year-newer version, it has the 2017 beat hands down in terms of style + panache.

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A Very "Special Edition": 1997 Land Cruiser 1HDT

To celebrate the last year of the Japanese-built J80 Land Cruisers, Toyota put out the "Special Edition" package which was basically some badges and paint. This particular truck however really became "special" later in life. At some point on its journey to cover over 300,000 miles, a 1HDT diesel motor was fitted along with a 5-speed manual.

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Left Handed Surfer: 1990 Toyota Hilux Surf

This 1990 Hilux Surf is an early build of the second generation of what we know as a 4Runner here in the US. This particular vehicle is unique for a number of reasons - both good and bad. We rarely if ever see a Hilux Surf in the States with the steering wheel on the left so that's in the good column. What's the bad?

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Impulse Buy: 1977 Toyota BJ40

Though we've heard nothing but nightmare stories about these Costa Rican imports, this diesel Land Cruiser in South Carolina has us contemplating making some rash decisions. No reserve auctions with 0 bids and 2 hours left tend to do that when they involve vintage Japanese 4x4’s.

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Turbo Toyota Truck: 1987 22R-TE Pickup

This 1987 Toyota Pickup looks to be in excellent condition even with nearly a quarter million miles on it (damn you, California.) Add the rare turbocharged engine to the sharp edges of the 4th generation of Hilux / Pickup model and you've got a winning combo.

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Short and Stout: 1966 Toyota Stout

November 30, 2016 toyota, stout

Things are crazy busy at Moto Roster world HQ, but here's a small write up for an equally diminutive truck.

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A Sleeper Sleeper: 2011 Toyota Sienna

Stay with us -- ignore the whole "boring" Toyota Sienna thing and just look at the stats. All Wheel Drive, pop up roof, Propex heater, heavy duty towing package, and an extra deep cycle battery for goodies. Throw in a factory Toyota warranty and suddenly our interest is piqued.

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Free Rust: 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42

No, not "rust free" - "free rust" this diesel cruiser comes with all the corrosion you could want. It's sort of a shame that the environments that these Land Cruisers excel in are the exact conditions that eat them alive. Even though this one is far beyond anything we could rescue, a 6K Land Cruiser with a diesel motor is enticing in any condition.

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Missing Link Land Cruiser: 1986 Toyota LJ70

Toyota has deemed the US market worthy of a number of Land Cruisers over the years, but the 70 series was not one of them. This 2 door hardtop is our favorite version of the "missing link" models and the fact that it's LHD is a nice bonus.

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East Meets West: 1967 Toyota Stout Rod

October 24, 2016 toyota, 350, rat rod

This unique rat rod is billed (and sort of titled) as a 1967 Toyota Stout. Once you get past the cab though, this thing is all bowtie with a Chevy 350 V8, Turbo 350 transmission, and what we're assuming is the frame from some sort of Corvette. We're not sure but it's looking like this may basically be a 70's Vette that had the cab from a Stout "fitted" to it.

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If Trucks Could Talk: 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel

October 16, 2016 toyota, diesel, 60

This 1981 Land Cruiser seems to have lived an interesting life during which it picked up some unique paint, a plate-steel bumper that looks to weigh upwards of 500 pounds, and most interestingly a homemade turbo setup. We imagine that it started its life on the North side of the border but it has migrated slightly south and now finds itself for sale in Portland, Oregon.

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Alaskan Loophole: 1997 Toyota Celica Alltrac

October 04, 2016 toyota, alltrac, awd

These third generation Celica's never really thrilled us, but anytime the Alltrac badge makes an appearance you have our attention. Against some odds this one has ended up with a valid Alaskan title - apparently thanks to a Japanese diplomat. We're not sure if diplomatic immunity will apply in the lower 48 but color us interested.

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Low Mileage Land Cruiser: 1978 Toyota BJ43

Most ex-fire service vehicles that we feature are German makes with the occasional Land Rover thrown in for good measure. This Toyota Land Cruiser is the somewhat quirky BJ43 and looks like it was pretty pampered while on fire duty in France where it racked up less than 10,000 miles.

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Crazy Clean: Low Mile 1987 Toyota Pickup

September 05, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4, 22R

This low mileage 1987 Toyota Pickup was a "vacation truck" on an island home in Washington state which sounds like a pretty good life to us. After accumulating only 35,000 miles over its first 25 years, it moved to sunny LA with its current owner and picked up another 30k miles along with a good deal of service.

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Turbo Diesel Toyota: 1985 Toyota 4Runner

This 85 4Runner would be of interest to us based solely on its survivor condition and early build date. Add a US-spec 2L-T turbo diesel motor swap and you've really got our attention.

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Cheap Cruising: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

25 years on, the FJ80 seems to have only gotten better with age. We remember seeing these new in showrooms with astronomical price tags, and wondering who was spending that much money on a Toyota truck. We're glad someone did though because now you could put one in your garage for less than $3,000. The question is, how much rust does 3 grand get you?

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Right-Level Resto Mod: 1971 Toyota FJ40

We like everything about this FJ resto mod: from the PPG paint to the 3.9 liter Cummins diesel and everything in between. It looks like an incredibly solid build while not being over the top or too nice to use. No doubt this rig is beyond our budget, but we like its usability and stock look over some other "iconic" vehicles.

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A Shiny Pig: 1971 Toyota FJ55

These FJ55 "Iron Pigs" are somewhat hard to find in the US due to a double whammy of unloved design and tendency to rust away to nothing. This one has a SBC which can sometimes be a dicey proposition, but we have some faith in anyone who has such neat labels for their underhood electrical connections.

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Best of Both Worlds: 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel

This 1983 Land Cruiser left Toyota City, Japan with a 2F gas engine and headed to the Western Hemisphere. 7 or 8 years later (we assume) an 80 series left Japan with a 1HD-T turbo diesel and headed to either South Africa or Australia. Somehow, 25 years later, this Land Cruiser met up with the 1HD-T motor and are now together on offer for sale in Oregon. Is this the Trans-Pacific Partnership at work?

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Japan + Brazil + Germany = 1991 Toyota Bandeirante

We see these Brazilian Land Cruiser variants offered occasionally in the US but not nearly as much as their Central American import cousins. The Bandeirantes have slightly different styling, but we're intrigued by the youth of this truck which is new to the states thanks to the 25 year import rule.

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Tercel Take 2: 1986 Toyota Tercel 4WD

When we started Moto Roster and decided to feature cars that we come across during our searches for Moto Roster member cars, we never thought "I wonder how often we'll feature Tercels?" So, we're surprised that we're writing up another 4WD example less than 3 weeks after we just featured one, but here we are.

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Roll the Dice on a Diesel: 1980 Toyota HJ45

Though we have generally heard nothing but nightmare stories about Land Cruisers that have been imported from Costa Rica, this one has a reasonable "Buy it Now" price as well as our attention. These pickups are hard to come by and though this one is far from original, it's difficult for us not to look at it through rose colored glasses of possibility.

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When Toyota Used to Get Weird: 1984 Tercel SR5

A Four wheel drive, 5 speed (quasi-6 speed), wagon with a plaid interior? We’re in. If we were to average all of the cars ever featured on Moto Roster, the Toyota Tercel SR5 may be the Frankenstein's monster result and we're ok with that. It's funny how a car that we used to nearly despise can start to make sense and even become desirable.

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Little Longbed: 1978 Toyota Pickup

March 31, 2016 toyota, truck

This Toyota Pickup is claimed to be all original and looks the part. It's fully loaded with the 20RE engine, optional 5-speed, and a long bed. 18k miles are listed and not elaborated on, which is hard to believe -- but then again it is incredibly clean.

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Clean Cruiser: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

The seller of this 1985 FJ60 is a Land Cruiser enthusiast and needs to thin out his herd of 4x4's a bit. This no reserve auction could be a good chance to pick up a clean, high-ish mileage FJ that has some interesting options and additions.

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California Loves Toyotas: 1988 4Runner

March 10, 2016 toyota, 4x4, 4runner

The seller of this 1988 4Runner must have been in such a hurry to get it for sale that he couldn't even slow down while taking the photos. Blurry photos don't really matter when you've got these kinds of stats: 1 owner, 112k miles, and a 22RE. He could have left the lens cap on and we don't think it would hurt the outcome of this auction.

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Last of the 40's - 1983 Toyota FJ40

March 08, 2016 toyota, 4x4, FJ40

We can't believe that we haven't featured an FJ40 on Moto Roster yet, so let's fix that with one of the rarest around. Opinions differ about the exact number, but in 1983 there were only a handful of FJ40's sold in the US. This one with factory power steering and AC makes it one of the rarest around, and a quality soda blast and respray may push it into ridiculous money.

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Forget the 22RE: Toyota Pickup w/Mercedes Diesel Swap

We're pretty pleased that our experimental Craigslist Crawler found this odd duck hiding outside of Minneapolis. At first glance, we wrote it off as a rather run of the mill extended cab pickup with a "you're dreaming" price. Then we noticed that the crawler had flagged it as "turbo diesel" and suddenly we're interested. We love the 22RE, but a 5 cylinder turbo diesel is even more interesting.

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Driven by a Little Old Lady: 50k Mile 1993 Toyota 4Runner

March 05, 2016 toyota, 4x4, 4runner

These second generation 4Runners are our favorites. We think they're a sweet spot between the pure-truck earlier models and some of the awkward designs that followed later. This top of the range model has only 50,000 miles on the clock and is claimed to be all original. Is the $15,000 buy it now price too dear for a 22 year old SUV?

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Crazy Clean: Low Mileage 1995 Tacoma Xtra Cab

February 25, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4

We normally see these with about 5x as many miles, so this 1995 Toyota Tacoma with only 41k miles seems to have led a pampered Pacific Northwest life.

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Marvel of 90's Engineering: 1993 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo

We remember when these were hanging out at the dealers with unsellably-high prices and crazy (at the time) flared fenders and hood scoops. They may have been a tough sell for the Camry buying masses coming through the door, but even with 175k miles we'd love to own this homologation special.

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Lots of House Calls Made: 1987 Toyota BJ70

This recently imported BJ70 seems like it would have been a good choice for a Nicaraguan pediatrician in 1987. Given challenging topography and a large geographic area, a capable 4x4 makes sense for house calls. Not to mention the minor detail of a revolution and 10 years of war going on. This Diesel Toyota now resides in Texas and is likely in for a much calmer life.

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24 Hours From Execution: 1983 Toyota FJ60

This good looking FJ60 is unfortunately caught in the middle of a divorce and the seller would just as soon cut it in half and deliver "her half in steel." Moto Roster hopes that cooler heads prevail and wanted to see if we can help.

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Gas is Cheap Again, Right? 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

February 01, 2016 fj, toyota, land cruiser

There's not much to write about here other than to ask whether this is the cleanest FJ62 currently for sale in the country, and how far above our bid it will sell for.

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California's Been Good to Me: 1992 Toyota Pickup

January 24, 2016 toyota, pickup, 4x4

Even though this little truck has over 200k miles on it, we can't remember seeing a cleaner one in a long time.

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More Questions than Answers: Toyota 6x6

Say you've got a nice, low mileage 22RE in a rust free truck. You'd do what anyone would, right? Make it into a 6x6.

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Brown on Brown: Canadian Diesel Land Cruiser

We're suckers for a 3B diesel. In a 40 series they make for a formidable off roader, but the extra "luxuries" of the 60 combined with the diesel make a much more livable daily driver.

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