"Follow Me To Mexico" - 1991 VW Golf Country

March 06, 2017 vw, golf, syncro

We're not familiar with the "Baja 4000" but it seems to be a charity race that had its inaugural running back in January. This 1991 Golf Country apparently served duty as the official pace car and its engine bay is dirty enough to make us believe that it saw some action in the sand.

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More From the Machine: Syncro Panel Van

We've had some hits and misses with our continued mash up of machine learning and motors, and we can't imagine how many CPU cycles we have burned. That said, we feel like we're really starting to make progress when we see this at the top of our "recommended" queue. A baby-blue Syncro panel van? You really get us TensorFlow.

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430 Miles Per Year: 1986 Vanagon Syncro

This will be a quick write-up for a slow car. With only 13,109 miles on the clock, we would guess this van has to be in the running for the lowest mileage Syncro Vanagon in existence. It looks like it just rolled out of a VW showroom in 1986 and we're hoping that the stereo comes with a "Stuck with You" cassingle in it.

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Triple Brown: 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro

October 05, 2016 vw, vanagon, syncro

This 1987 Syncro Vanagon is finished in "Merian Brown" and looks good as a tin top instead of the normal pop tops that we often see sporting this color. It looks like a repaint based on the shine level + bubbling seams, but things look solid underneath and clean inside. This could be a solid Syncro for a decent price.

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Subaru Powered Syncro: 1990 VW Doka

The ad for this baby blue VW Doka is light on details but it's offered on The Samba by a longtime member and checks all of our boxes. Syncro, 4 doors, and a Subaru motor add up to something of a unicorn as far as we’re concerned.

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AWD Beer Delivery Vehicle: 1990 VW Doka

February 13, 2016 vw, syncro, doka, 4x4

This auction has popped up on eBay once before and we didn't have a chance to write it up before it disappeared. We like what we see in this German import and it will be interesting to see what it ends up selling for if it lasts longer than last time.

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5 Cylinder Syncro: 1986 VW Quantum Syncro

February 10, 2016 vw, syncro, wagon

Full disclosure, we grew up in a Kalahari Beige 1987 Quantum wagon so we may be looking at this through rose colored glasses. That car began our love of German wagons, and we don't see how things could be anything but improved with the addition of AWD and a 5-speed.

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Syncro Hatchback: 1990 Golf Country

February 09, 2016 vw, golf, syncro

We've never seen one of these in person, let alone driven one, but that wouldn't stop us from bidding on this 1990 Volkswagen Golf Country.

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Rare in the US: 1990 VW Diesel Syncro Eurovan

January 23, 2016 vw, van, syncro, 4x4

We always want to like Eurovans but we can never quite do it. This Canadian import might change all that.

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