Corrado Powered Caddy: 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup

February 24, 2017 vw, pickup, supercharged

This 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup has received an interesting Frankenstein treatment with a supercharged G60 motor from a Corrado along with some GTI interior and exterior bits. Cover it all with military green PPG paint and color us intrigued.

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Bang For Your Buck: Supercharged 1992 Miata

June 23, 2016 miata, supercharged

This 1992 Miata has low-ish miles, a good color combo, and most interestingly a supercharger bolted on to its stock 1.6 liter engine. Upping the HP on an already light car is an equation we're always fans of. Thanks to MR reader Drew for the backyard find.

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Too Nice to Drive? 1990 VW Corrado G60

We featured a Corrado not too long ago, but we would be remiss not to share this example which we'd guess is one of the lowest mileage examples in existence. The dealer seems to have a cache of Corrado’s but this one stands out with it’s 500-miles-per-year duty cycle.

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