3 Speed, 3 Doors, 350: 1971 Chevrolet Suburban

May 01, 2016 chevy, suburban

This 1971 Suburban half ton is advertised as being in "nice, driveable and useable condition." We like the 3 door layout, all business interior, and the idea of the crate 350. The 3 on the tree might be a bit cumbersome at first but we like this survivor SUV.

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Cherry 3 Door Chevy: 1969 Suburban C20

April 01, 2016 chevy, suburban, 4x4

This 1969 Suburban C20 was built in Fremont and spent its whole life with one family in Hermosa Beach. Showing only 63,000 miles, it looks like life in Southern California has treated this big 4x4 pretty well.

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Room for 12: Six Door 1986 Suburban

January 24, 2016 chevy, suburban, custom

Lot's of SUVs offer 3rd row seating these days. How many have a door for that 3rd row and another 6 feet behind it?

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