200 Cars Later: One Year of Moto Roster

December 27, 2016 year in review, moto roster

We launched Moto Roster one year ago with a bunch of ideas about how technology can help connect people with the cars that they want to own, and fuel a new kind of car club. Along the way we hit some roadblocks, launched some groundbreaking products, and helped many members create their own rosters of “someday” cars. On top of that, we also featured over 200 unique cars and sent out a ton of t-shirts.

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We Know Things Have Been Slow Around Here....

June 30, 2016 motoroster, project

Sorry that we haven't been keeping up our normal pace of featured-cars. We recently took delivery of a project 912 at MR HQ so we've been a bit distracted.

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Connected Badge Update: Version 2.0

May 03, 2016 moto roster, badges

We released the initial beta of our connected car badges last week and we're already onto a second iteration.

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Porsche Price Check Continued - 1968 Porsche 912

February 26, 2016 porsche, 912, roster

Continuing the search for the 912 that’s at the top of our roster, we’re checking in on what’s out there in the current market. We are starting to see some more reasomable prices popping up which is promising. Could this 1968 912 driver on offer for $26,500 in Daytona Beach, Florida be the one?

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Friday Garage Builder: 3 Quick Takes

A German, a British ex-pat, and a Colombian all walk into a bar. It's not the setup for the world's most obtuse joke, just a description of the 3 cars in today's Friday Garage Builder. Today we have a high mileage 944S2 for low money, a sweet Land Rover Santana, and to mix things up a bit, a guy in Columbia handmaking aluminum shells inspired by Porsche 550s.

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Featured Roster: Shane's 4x4's

February 07, 2016 roster, 4x4, trooper

Moto Roster Member Shane S. knows what he likes and his roster shows it: 4x4s of all sizes.

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Featured Roster: Classic Germans & Japanese 4x4s

January 30, 2016 featured roster

Do you have a car in your garage that's on MatthewP's roster? Help him out!

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Free Moto Roster Stuff

January 06, 2016 motoroster, membership

We need your help to spread the word about Moto Roster and we're not above bribery.

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Welcome to Moto Roster

Moto Roster is based on a simple idea: car guys (and girls) all have a list in their heads of cars that they want to own one day. We're here to help you keep track of your list, get inspiration from other people's lists, and ultimately get people the cars that they want.

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