East Meets West: 1967 Toyota Stout Rod

October 24, 2016 toyota, 350, rat rod

This unique rat rod is billed (and sort of titled) as a 1967 Toyota Stout. Once you get past the cab though, this thing is all bowtie with a Chevy 350 V8, Turbo 350 transmission, and what we're assuming is the frame from some sort of Corvette. We're not sure but it's looking like this may basically be a 70's Vette that had the cab from a Stout "fitted" to it.

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Nebraska Nasty: 1952 Ford Rat Rod

September 15, 2016 ford, rat rod, nebraska

There's not much left to this truck, but there's a lot to like. Turning a big F5 Ford commercial truck into a rat rod takes a certain vision, and we can't think of too many chops that have bias ply dualies out back. There's no video included but we swear that we can hear those straight pipes just from looking at the photos.

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