$12,000 for a 4000: 1985 Audi 4000S

November 08, 2016 audi, 4000, quattro

This Audi 4000S spent its life in Switzerland before coming stateside which explains the European '90' badging on it. Its winter tires are currently resting in Florida, but for $12,500 would it be a shame to put them to use up north?

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80’s Late Bloomer: 1991 Audi 200 Avant

In our last feature, we preached that now is the time to buy (and maybe get a deal on) a "non traditional" winter car. We're ignoring our own advice now as we showcase one of the consummate snow cars of the late 80s and early 90s. In a time before SUVs were common, the mountain roads leading to ski resorts from Colorado to Vermont were crawling with these luxo-snowmobiles - and for good reason.

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Winter is Coming: 1997 Audi A6 with V8 Conversion

September 27, 2016 audi, v8, quattro

A V8 Audi wagon isn't that rare of a beast. Even with a manual, there's no shortage of 2000's era S4s that will tick all of those boxes. If you're looking for something a bit more vintage with all of those attributes though things get a little bit tougher, and you may need to get creative like this seller did.

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The One to Have: 1985 Audi 4000S Quattro

Our feelings about the Audi 4000 are no secret so for $6,500 this well preserved example has us calculating shipping costs from Seattle. This 4000 has low miles, looks to be well taken care of, and is nicely optioned. On top of that, the 85's were the first to receive the updated styling that still looks good to this day.

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The 90's Dream Wagon : 1990 Audi 200 Avant

With 200,000 miles on it, this 1990 Audi 200 Avant has its share of bumps and bruises but even 25 years later its design is still striking. We remember when we first saw the complicated spoiler-split rear glass with the gigantic "quattro" defroster lines and even now we wouldn't mind seeing it our own garage.

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