Air Cooled Bubble Deflating? 1976 Porsche 911 S

April 27, 2017 porsche, 911, 3.0

This 1976 911 S has deviated a fair bit from stock, but in a good way as far as we're concerned. The 2.7 liter motor has been replaced with the 3.0 from a later SC while retaining the 915 gearbox, and cosmetically a very light "R Gruppe" look has been attempted. The real draw here though is the $26,500 price tag attached to what sounds like a lot of air cooled fun.

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Removable Stripes: Hot Rod 1966 Porsche 912

This 1966 Porsche 912 is currently wearing Martini livery but there is some "go" to back up the "show." A 2110cc motor fed by dual Webers puts out an owner claimed 140 HP. As with most of the cars that come and go through the Moto Roster garage, we miss our 912. We can only imagine how it would have been with twice the horsepower and a shorter wheelbase like this specimen.

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Bullish on Boxster: 1999 Porsche Boxster

This Boxster is for sale up the road from us and it has caught our eye a number of times when driving by. We subscribe to the idea that the 996 is the Porsche deal to be had right now, but maybe the Boxster is even more of a sleeper deal.

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$11K for a 911 - 1999 Porsche 911

January 27, 2017 porsche, 911, cheap

These 996's have finally passed the point for us where they're more than meh. We haven't taken our own advice and bought one while the market for these unloved 911's is at what must be rock bottom, but we know we'll be kicking ourselves in the future once prices creep back up. This one must be more than just a little tired for $11,350 but we'd be lying if we told you we weren't tempted.

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Proof of Moto Roster's Concept: Our 1969 912 For Sale.

Moto Roster was founded on the idea that enthusiasts have a running list of cars in their heads that they someday want to own. A direct corollary to that idea is that (for most people) limitations of time, money, and space mean that they can only own one of the cars on their list at any given time. We have all of those constraints here at Moto Roster along with an always-present itch for the next car on our roster. Add all of that up and it means that after a fun summer fling, our 912 is for sale.

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Germany Via Japan: 1991 Porsche 944S2

October 27, 2016 porsche, 16v, 944

This 1991 Porsche 944 S2 has is interesting on a number of levels beyond the 16v 'Ventiler' motor. It has rare-ish paint, an interesting option package with sunroof and cruise control delete, and a 968 spoiler. On top of all that, it spent most of its live in Japan and now resides on Mercer Island, WA.

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Stored Since 1981: 1969 Porsche 912

October 21, 2016 porsche, 912

This 1969 Porsche 912 has been for sale off and on for a bit and is back on eBay with no reserve and low-ish bidding with three days left. The description leaves plenty of room for questions, and the photos show both promise and warning signs.

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Get a Car That Can Do Both: 2000 Porsche C4

October 09, 2016 porsche, 911, awd

With the weather turning cooler and leaves starting to fall, our fancy as of late has tended towards trucks and "traditional" AWD powerhouses. As one may expect in Northeastern climates, the prices on those vehicles go up accordingly as the fall turns into winter. The smart bet financially is to find "summer" cars that are about to be mothballed for the winter and whose owners may be tempted to part for them at a less-than-premium price. This 911 has the makings of a "summer" car, but its Michigan roots are hiding some winter prowess.

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$6K, 6 Cylinder, 6-Speed: 2005 Porsche Cayenne

August 19, 2016 porsche, awd

Cars this new generally aren't of interest to us, and we've never been fans of the Cayenne in any real way. Putting that aside, the rare 6-speed combined with a rock bottom price is enticing. If you’re so inclined, you really could get a lot of headache for your money here.

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High Mile Air Cooled AWD: 1990 Porsche 911 C4

July 09, 2016 porsche, AWD

The 964 C4 is our pick for THE 911. Air cooled panache, backed by early 90's AWD technology with a perfect styling kicker. What was a 20k car 5 years ago is pushing 50k now as is the case in most of the P-Car market. This one looks very clean but we're thinking that the high-ish miles and lack of use could make the price more obtainable.

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(Sweet) Bitter Chocolate: 22K Mile Porsche 912E

June 01, 2016 porsche, 912

No one here at Moto Roster HQ was even born when the one-year-only 912E was in Porsche dealers. With only 22,000 miles, we think this time capsule 912E is as close to walking into a 70's Porsche showroom as we'll ever come. To top off the 70's sports car vibe -- it's brown!

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Some Good Some Bad: 1967 Porsche 912

April 21, 2016 porsche, 912, driver

MB Vintage Cars is only a few hours from Moto Roster HQ and seem to have a constant supply of SWB Porsches for sale. Their offerings generally range from rusty rollers where the value is basically in the VIN, to nice clean drivers. This one is much closer to the clean driver side of things, but it is just shabby enough to get our attention. What's your guess on the price?

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Presque Isle Porsche: 1987 944 Turbo

April 20, 2016 porsche, 944, turbo

This low mileage 951 resides in Erie, Pennsylvania, a short ride north from Moto Roster HQ. It appears to be in great shape inside and out with some nice upgrades. The Porsche bubble is pushing into these front engine Porsches, but if things keep up we'll be saying "I remember when you could get a low mileage 951 for 15k."

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Summer Yellow 951: 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo

This car has an interesting story and an equally interesting color. We've never seen a summer yellow 951 in person so we'd be curious to know how many of these are out there. With an asking price of $10,500 this could be a great driver 951, and if you're a fan of yellow, this is an easy buy.

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912 Price Check III: 1969 Porsche 912

This 1969 Porsche 912 is for sale close to Moto Roster HQ and we actually checked it out in person. It's VERY close to being our project car, but not quite so we're sharing it with our audience. Is passing on this Porsche a mistake? Are we crazy to miss out on a numbers matching 912 for less than 15k practically in our own backyard? Let us know if you think we should be towing a U-Haul trailer to Ohio with cash as we speak.

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Where are these barns? 1960 Porsche 356

March 19, 2016 porsche, 356, barn

Just once, we'd like to find a barn (or garage, or shed, or tarp) with something like this 1960 Porsche 356B hiding inside. We don't normally feature cars that will end up far beyond even our theoretical means but this one caught our eye.

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Black Plate Inspiration: 1967 Porsche 912

March 03, 2016 porsche, 912, driver

Excuse the high percentage of 912 posts lately, but we're on the hunt here at MR headquarters so there are a lot of them across our desk. This one is great inspiration for the type of driver "build" we would aim for. We love the stripped interior as a minimalist driver that could be later restored or thrashed as-is. Add to that a slightly lower stance over capless wheels and you get a hint of an outlaw without going over the top -- more about stripping away than adding on.

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Might be a Georgia Peach: 1966 Porsche 912

February 27, 2016 porsche, 912

This 1966 Porche 912 has some red flags that makes us think scam, but 912 fever has us wanting to investigate. Any Atlanta or Athens-based Moto Roster members looking for a weekend road trip to Sugar Hill to shed some light on this mystery?

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Porsche Price Check Continued - 1968 Porsche 912

February 26, 2016 porsche, 912, roster

Continuing the search for the 912 that’s at the top of our roster, we’re checking in on what’s out there in the current market. We are starting to see some more reasomable prices popping up which is promising. Could this 1968 912 driver on offer for $26,500 in Daytona Beach, Florida be the one?

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Friday Garage Builder: 3 Quick Takes

A German, a British ex-pat, and a Colombian all walk into a bar. It's not the setup for the world's most obtuse joke, just a description of the 3 cars in today's Friday Garage Builder. Today we have a high mileage 944S2 for low money, a sweet Land Rover Santana, and to mix things up a bit, a guy in Columbia handmaking aluminum shells inspired by Porsche 550s.

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A Porsche That Never Existed: 1981 928 Convertible

February 11, 2016 porsche, 928

Prefer your GT cars to be of the droptop variety? No 928 convertibles ever rolled out of Stuttgart, but apparently 8 of them were made as a collaboration with the California-based V G Carelli. With only 6,341 miles and a claimed original build price of over $300k (in 1981?) this could be your chance to own a car that even Porsche diehards might not know about.

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Some Assembly Required: 1971 Porsche 911T

February 10, 2016 porsche, 911, project

Remember when you used to build models of cars when you were a kid? It's just like that, except replace the smell of glue with oil and multiply the level of effort by about 10,000x.

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The Right Stuff: 1990 Porsche 911 C4 Targa

February 04, 2016 porsche, 911, 964

964 targas are rare, and when we do find them they seem to almost always be tiptronics. Given the that, we're happy to find this Porsche that combines the targa top, air cooled motor, 5 speed, and AWD.

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It's what's inside that counts: 1983 911 SC

January 31, 2016 porsche, 911, track

Our interest in Porsches from the 80's usually leans towards cars with driveshafts, but this "modified" 1983 SC has us intrigued. We'll be the first to admin that we are suckers for ducktails and that's what originally brought this 1983 911 SC to our attention.

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$10k Turbo: High Mileage Porsche 951

0-60 in 5.9 seconds is still impressive in 2016, imagine what it was like 30 years ago in this 1986 944 Turbo.

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Luck of the Irish (Green) - 1969 Porsche 912

January 21, 2016 porsche, 912, project

We have a 912 on the top of our roster so we're always on the lookout. This one is close to Moto Roster HQ and has a low reserve which means one thing: it's a project.

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Cheap, Fast, and Unloved: The Porsche 996

January 17, 2016 porsche, 911, project

Everyone laments "I remember when you could pick up a used XYZ's for nothing." That time is now for the unloved Porsche 996's so snag a deal and do something crazy before prices start going up.

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Final Year Cabriolet - 1991 Porsche 944S2

We've been wanting to feature a 944 on MR for a while now. While we would prefer a 951 hardtop for PCA playdates, this clean final year cabriolet could serve nicely.

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How much 912 does 25k get you?

January 07, 2016 porsche, 912, german

Beverly Hills Car Club - who are always big on photos and short on details, help us answer the question.

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