Nicer than Normal: 1990 Land Rover 110 Pickup

Usually, a snorkel and diamond plate cladding on a "Defender" is enough to turn us away -- not to mention the price that these newer trucks command. This 110 pickup however has enough going for it to make us take a second look and pretend that we're in the market for a 30k truck. Is this one the real deal, or is it just $5,000 worth of paint and tires hiding much more trouble?

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Corrado Powered Caddy: 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup

February 24, 2017 vw, pickup, supercharged

This 1980 VW Rabbit Pickup has received an interesting Frankenstein treatment with a supercharged G60 motor from a Corrado along with some GTI interior and exterior bits. Cover it all with military green PPG paint and color us intrigued.

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Turbo Toyota Truck: 1987 22R-TE Pickup

This 1987 Toyota Pickup looks to be in excellent condition even with nearly a quarter million miles on it (damn you, California.) Add the rare turbocharged engine to the sharp edges of the 4th generation of Hilux / Pickup model and you've got a winning combo.

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European Built Caddy: 1988 VW Rabbit Truck

Even though we have a soft spot for the Rabbit pickups that were made right up the road at VW's Westmoreland plant, they stopped building (and selling) them here in 1984. Production carried on elsewhere for a long time and this 1988 model gives us a little glimpse of that continuation.

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Witchita Lineman: 1959 Ford F100

January 28, 2016 f100, ford, pickup

Buy it, keep it full of gas and oil, and drive it. Leave it 100% un-messed around with.

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California's Been Good to Me: 1992 Toyota Pickup

January 24, 2016 toyota, pickup, 4x4

Even though this little truck has over 200k miles on it, we can't remember seeing a cleaner one in a long time.

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Little White Rabbit: 1980 VW Pickup

January 23, 2016 vw, rabbit, pickup

We love little VW pickups to begin with but this white on red caddy is a head turner.

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Diesel Land Rover 110: Roster Fodder

A diesel Land Rover 90/110/Defender has long been on our roster. This one, with some title questions, could be rig that moves it from our roster to out garage.

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