Machine Learning: 1979 300TD Wagon

We're continuing to help machines take our jobs by training our rudimentary TensorFlow implementation to find cool cars. Turns out this stuff is sort of tricky - who'd have thought something developed by PhDs at Google would be a bit complex? At any rate, it did surface this early diesel Benz wagon so we feel like we're on the right track.

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Kill Two Birds: CJ5 with a Mercedes Diesel

As we look to check the next vehicle off of our roster, we keep coming back to the fact that we've never owned a Jeep. We've also never owned a Mercedes diesel of any sort even though our year end retrospective showed them appearing on MR again and again. This truck could solve both of those problems in one fell swoop.

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You Had Me At Tan & Diesel: 1980 Mercedes 300TD Wagon

November 10, 2016 mercedes, wagon, diesel

On top of the fact that it’s tan and a diesel, this Benz is also a wagon with a manual transmission, and blue MB-Tex interior. If you add all of that together, this may represent about the most Moto Roster vehicle ever.

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Germans Are Not 'Quirky' - 1983 Mercedes Benz 300 CD

October 19, 2016 mercedes, diesel

Putting a luxury, diesel, coupe in your line up is probably a tough sell for an automaker selling cars in the US in 2016. In 1983 however, it only stood to reason that Mercedes Benz would offer their W123 "executive" car in every conceivable body and engine combination. So, while the we normally see the diesels in the wagons, we're glad someone ordered this one wrapped in a coupe.

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Practical Classic? 1980 Mercedes 300 Diesel Wagon

September 01, 2016 mercedes, diesel, wagon

There aren't many vintage cars that could serve family duty in any kind of practical way. While we'd still be leery about strapping a child seat into this wagon on the daily, we think it would be a great weekend ice cream cruiser and also provide utility in "real life."

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El Benzo: 1988 Mercedes Benz S-Class Pickup

We've seen a bunch of Mercedes truck conversions before, but we don't recall seeing one that started life as an S-Class and sports a big gas V8. While some of the color choices are questionable, the quality of this conversion looks like it wasn't just the result of having a few too many Bitburgers one night.

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Pretty Practical (as these things go): 1980 Unimog Doka

Owning a vehicle that straddles the line between monster truck and strip mining equipment is never going to be a decision driven by practicality. BUT, if you've got your heart set on upsetting the neighbors with a Unimog, this 4-door model with a plethora of hydraulic hookups is about as practical as these things get.

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Fresh off the Boat: 1983 Mercedes Benz 230TE

April 23, 2016 mercedes, wagon

We don't see too many manual Mercedes wagons on our shores, let alone one with less than 40,000 miles on it. This nicely specced 1983 230TE was imported last year and looks neat and tidy. This is our second petrol Mercedes in as many days but this low mileage wagon is more than worth it.

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Clean on the Inside, Green on the Outside: 1987 Mercedes Benz 230GE

Though it's army green, this is a civilian spec G class with a gas engine and plenty of bumps and bruises on the outside. The inside looks very clean, and with less than 60k Spanish miles on it, it could be a winner.

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Hellrot Juxtaposition: 2 Very Different 60’s Mercedes Benzes

Things are a bit slow on the car-hunting front here at Moto Roster because we're working on some techy-stuff that we're excited to share soon. Until then, we're still out there scouring for interesting cars and a couple over very different Mercedes from the 60's caught our eyes. One is a luxury car with a big V8, the other is a truck beast of a 404 with a "little" gas V6.

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Heckflosse sounds cooler than Fin Tail: 1967 Mercedes-Benz 200

Stored for the last 27 years, this low mileage 1967 Mercedes 200 Diesel still has subtly striking style after nearly 50 years. It's currently sharing a garage with a G500, but it could be leaking diesel on your cement if you've got $6,995 burning a hole in your pocket.

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A Tale of 2 Turbo Diesels: Mercedes Benz 300TD Wagons

Two diesel wagons left West Germany a year apart from one another in the 80's. They each spent the next 30+ years in the United States and they both racked up over 300,000 miles. One did it in the Southern California sun, and one looks to have served the prep-school set in Connecticut. Now, they both find themselves for sale on eBay. Maybe one buyer could reunite them?

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Forget the 22RE: Toyota Pickup w/Mercedes Diesel Swap

We're pretty pleased that our experimental Craigslist Crawler found this odd duck hiding outside of Minneapolis. At first glance, we wrote it off as a rather run of the mill extended cab pickup with a "you're dreaming" price. Then we noticed that the crawler had flagged it as "turbo diesel" and suddenly we're interested. We love the 22RE, but a 5 cylinder turbo diesel is even more interesting.

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More Glass Than a Greenhouse: 1976 Mercedes Benz Funeral Coach

February 23, 2016 mercedes, diesel

It's hard to champion the purchase of a hearse unless you're a funeral director or Rob Zombie. Add to that we don't normally feature cars located outside of the US and that's 2 strikes. Nonetheless this 1976 Meredes 200 diesel's coachwork and acres of glass were too interesting not to share.

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Pre-Kardashian Edition: 1987 Mercedes 300GD

We were always happy to see a G-Class running around in the 80s and 90s knowing that someone went through a lot of trouble (and expense) to get it here. That was the back when these things were for eccentrics and fanatics, not wealthy soccer moms and celebrities.

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Schnitzel Food Truck Conversion? 1969 Mercedes Benz Fire Van

January 28, 2016 mercedes, van

We have no idea what we would do with it, but that doesn't stop us from being inexplicably drawn to it.

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Ridiculously Good Looking: 32K mile 230TE Wagon

January 14, 2016 mercedes, wagon

This wagon looks so good, and has such low miles, we're willing to overlook the seller's dispariging remarks about the sacred 3.0 diesel that this gray market Merc eschews for a 2.3.

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Signal Red Turbo Diesel - 1982 Mercedes 300D

January 10, 2016 mercedes, diesel

We're normally against "resale red" resprays, but there's a lot to like about this old workhorse.

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