Kill Two Birds: CJ5 with a Mercedes Diesel

As we look to check the next vehicle off of our roster, we keep coming back to the fact that we've never owned a Jeep. We've also never owned a Mercedes diesel of any sort even though our year end retrospective showed them appearing on MR again and again. This truck could solve both of those problems in one fell swoop.

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Jim's Jeep: 1981 Jeep Wagoneer

January 04, 2017 jeep, wagoneer, 4x4

We've got vintage 4X4's on the brain as of late. We know that winter isn't the time to be buying them, nor the time to be selling coupes to make garage space, but such is the Moto Roster syndrome. This 1981 Wagoneer is scruffy, but clean (for Western, PA at least) and is billed as the personal vehicle of a local, somewhat-eccentric car dealer (the aforementioned Jim).

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Lil Red: 1964 Jeep FC 150

July 14, 2016 jeep, fc, 4x4

We're not sure of the exact odds, but chances are that if we come across a Forward Control Jeep, we're going to feature it. This late model FC 150 is claimed to be a great driver, and it's in PA to boot. With a $9,000 buy it now price, we're tempted to plan a day trip East to pick this up and hit the Victory Brewery on the way back to test out this Jeep's cargo capacity. We're thinking 20 cases easy.

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Rare "World Cab" - 1984 Jeep Scrambler

Right hand drive is normally a turn off for us, but we'll make an exception for this unique ex-postal Jeep. Any vehicle that was up to USPS duty in Alaska has to be more than tough enough for anything we'd subject it to. Combine that with the unique factory "world cab" and this Scrambler could really "deliver." Get it? We're sorry.

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When Wagons Became SUVs: 1975 Jeep Cherokee

March 20, 2016 jeep, cherokee, 4x4

These vintage Cherokees and Wagoneers have been gaining more and more respect lately as people realize that maybe Jeep (in its various forms) was onto something way back when. First referred to as a "Sport Utility" in the 1974 Jeep sales material, these trucks mark the starting point of a market that is still growing today. This 2 Door Cherokee looks to be in semi-shabby, but original condition and could be a great example to breathe new life into.

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Scruffy Scrambler: 1982 JEEP CJ-8

February 25, 2016 jeep, 4x4, truck

Our preferences for oddball 4x4s usually tend toward Rovers and FJs but there's something to be said for some good old American engineering. With prices increasing on CJ-8's across the board, this $6,900 runner could be a great chance to get into something you can drive and sort as you go.

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Short on Details: 1960 Jeep FC-170

February 15, 2016 jeep, willys, 4x4, FC

Details are scare on this 1960 Jeep FC-170 offered for sale in Amarillo, TX. It looks like its current use is an advertising vehicle which may not bode well for mechanical condition, but even so, it could be a great start for an FC project.

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Semper Fi: 1955 Willys Marine

January 26, 2016 jeep, 4x4, willys

We have a bias towards FJ's when it comes to topless, vintage 4x4's, but there's something undeniably cool about category-creating archetype.

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