High Miles & Low Price: 2004 VW R32

February 08, 2017 vw, r32, gti

We remember when the R32 came out in Europe and eventually made its way to the US a few years later. With AWD, and the VR6 it was our dream VW made real. At the time the near $30,000 sticker price was a bit of a deal breaker for us, not to mention the fact that the allotment of 5,000 vehicles sold out extremely quickly. 13 years and 400,000 miles later, this R32 has has lost about 80% of it's retail price but our interest remains at 110%.

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14K Nice? 1984 Volkswagen GTI

We can't resist an original red GTI with snowflake wheels, even one with eye watering price. Rebuilds and upgrades notwithstanding the $13,995 asking price is astronomical for a car with 215k miles on it. That said, we keep clicking through the photos and grinning so maybe the seller is onto something.

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Short and Sweet: All Original 1983 VW Rabbit GTI

April 09, 2016 vw, gti, rabbit

Like the GTI itself, this one is pretty self explanatory. A 1983 GTI that has been in the same family for the last 30 years and looks to be remarkably original. After 150k miles this GTI still has original paint, a clean interior, and 14 inch snowflake wheels look better than our 2013 "Detroit's" in every way.

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