"Follow Me To Mexico" - 1991 VW Golf Country

March 06, 2017 vw, golf, syncro

We're not familiar with the "Baja 4000" but it seems to be a charity race that had its inaugural running back in January. This 1991 Golf Country apparently served duty as the official pace car and its engine bay is dirty enough to make us believe that it saw some action in the sand.

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4Motion Diesel Import: 2000 Volkswagen Golf

July 28, 2016 vw, AWD, golf

At first we thought that someone just decided to throw a 4Motion badge on an old Mk4 Golf, but upon further inspection this one looks like the real deal with all the right Euro bits. It has been legally imported to Canada and we're not sure what it would take to get it plates in the states, but we like the idea of this AWD diesel hatch as a base for all kinds of fun.

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Syncro Hatchback: 1990 Golf Country

February 09, 2016 vw, golf, syncro

We've never seen one of these in person, let alone driven one, but that wouldn't stop us from bidding on this 1990 Volkswagen Golf Country.

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