Not Fast But Furious: 1977 GMC Vandura 4x4

What this GMC van lacks in speed, it makes up for in just about every other category. With a new crate motor paired up with a period Pathfinder 4x4 conversion, it will get you just about anywhere. That said, you might still need to keep an eye on the 33 gallon tank to make sure you have enough fuel for it to get you back.

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Hauling 3 Tons of Books: 1952 GMC ex-Bookmobile

March 19, 2016 gmc, coe, truck

Normally we think of these big COE trucks handling dirty, heavy duty tasks like hauling cars, or towing other trucks. This one was built for a more genteel and learned, but equally taxing job: hauling around a few tons of books and their biblio-related accoutrements.

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