More Beer-Fueled Engineering: VW Cabrio Ghia

We're don't know what the title for this car claims, but it has got the body of a 1970 Karmann Ghia and the drivetrain of a 1986 Cabriolet. We're not sure what the percentage of each vehicle is, but we salute the beer-fueled ideation and engineering that got this project this far.

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Cost as Much as 2 Beetles: 1966 Karmann Ghia Type 34

April 15, 2016 vw, ghia, type 34

Though this one is a bit outside of the price ranges we normally focus on here at Moto Roster, the Karmann Ghia Type 34 is one of our favorite designs ever. So, when one this nice comes up for sale, we're flexible on our normal limits. We've been on the hunt for a 912 and it's funny that for the same $35,000 you would spend on a nice-condition 912, you could get a different 1600cc-powered German that makes 912's look as common as Camry's.

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Day Glo Orange Ghia

A college friend's dad once told me that he bought a Karmann Ghia because he couldn't afford a 356 and that girl's couldn't tell the difference.

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