Nebraska Nasty: 1952 Ford Rat Rod

September 15, 2016 ford, rat rod, nebraska

There's not much left to this truck, but there's a lot to like. Turning a big F5 Ford commercial truck into a rat rod takes a certain vision, and we can't think of too many chops that have bias ply dualies out back. There's no video included but we swear that we can hear those straight pipes just from looking at the photos.

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Low Mileage Super High Output: 1992 Ford SHO

April 19, 2016 ford, sho, yamaha

We're fans of taking a big motor and stuffing it into an ordinary looking car. Ford did it in the 60's by dropping a 427 into the Fairlane and 30 years later they took a different route to the same result. When it came to make the SHO, instead of looking to pure displacement, they partnered with Yamaha for a 24 valve work of art that was capable of spinning up to 8500 RPM.

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Who Needs Airbnb?: 1991 Ford E-Series 4x4

April 10, 2016 ford, 4x4, van

Though we love the Syncro Vanagon that's currently housed in the Moto Roster HQ garage, there's something to be said for taking the same 4x4 van recipe and amping it up in every possible way. The Quigley conversions are the gold-standard for these Ford-based adventurers, but this homemade F-250 meets E-150 mash-up looks like it's up to just about any task.

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200 miles a year for 50 years: 1964 Ford F-250

March 08, 2016 ford, 4x4, f250

This 1964 Ford F-250 has apparently only put on 9,200 miles during its 50+ years of duty with the Valentine Rural Fire Department of Nebraska. This one looks too good to be true, and we'd proudly park this cornhusker in our garage.

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Blue and Green Ovals: 1961 Land Rover Series IIa

It's a thought that everyone has had, "why don't car companies sell a classic body on a modern chassis and get the best of both worlds?" A guy in Alabama has answered that question for us, if a 1999 Ford Explorer qualifies as modern.

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Witchita Lineman: 1959 Ford F100

January 28, 2016 f100, ford, pickup

Buy it, keep it full of gas and oil, and drive it. Leave it 100% un-messed around with.

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