Lil Red: 1964 Jeep FC 150

July 14, 2016 jeep, fc, 4x4

We're not sure of the exact odds, but chances are that if we come across a Forward Control Jeep, we're going to feature it. This late model FC 150 is claimed to be a great driver, and it's in PA to boot. With a $9,000 buy it now price, we're tempted to plan a day trip East to pick this up and hit the Victory Brewery on the way back to test out this Jeep's cargo capacity. We're thinking 20 cases easy.

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Ready for the Masters: 1961 Willys FC170

April 05, 2016 willys, fc, 4x4

This 1961 FC170 is located in Georgia, about 3 hours south of Augusta National. We don't know how welcome it would be on Magnolia Lane or at the champion’s dinner, but the original paint looks like it would match a green jacket just about perfectly.

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