Proof of Moto Roster's Concept: Our 1969 912 For Sale.

Moto Roster was founded on the idea that enthusiasts have a running list of cars in their heads that they someday want to own. A direct corollary to that idea is that (for most people) limitations of time, money, and space mean that they can only own one of the cars on their list at any given time. We have all of those constraints here at Moto Roster along with an always-present itch for the next car on our roster. Add all of that up and it means that after a fun summer fling, our 912 is for sale.

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Some Good Some Bad: 1967 Porsche 912

April 21, 2016 porsche, 912, driver

MB Vintage Cars is only a few hours from Moto Roster HQ and seem to have a constant supply of SWB Porsches for sale. Their offerings generally range from rusty rollers where the value is basically in the VIN, to nice clean drivers. This one is much closer to the clean driver side of things, but it is just shabby enough to get our attention. What's your guess on the price?

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Black Plate Inspiration: 1967 Porsche 912

March 03, 2016 porsche, 912, driver

Excuse the high percentage of 912 posts lately, but we're on the hunt here at MR headquarters so there are a lot of them across our desk. This one is great inspiration for the type of driver "build" we would aim for. We love the stripped interior as a minimalist driver that could be later restored or thrashed as-is. Add to that a slightly lower stance over capless wheels and you get a hint of an outlaw without going over the top -- more about stripping away than adding on.

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