Subaru Powered Syncro: 1990 VW Doka

The ad for this baby blue VW Doka is light on details but it's offered on The Samba by a longtime member and checks all of our boxes. Syncro, 4 doors, and a Subaru motor add up to something of a unicorn as far as we’re concerned.

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Pretty Practical (as these things go): 1980 Unimog Doka

Owning a vehicle that straddles the line between monster truck and strip mining equipment is never going to be a decision driven by practicality. BUT, if you've got your heart set on upsetting the neighbors with a Unimog, this 4-door model with a plethora of hydraulic hookups is about as practical as these things get.

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German Soldier: 1989 VW Doka Diesel

March 02, 2016 vw, doka

We've seen quite a few workman spec Transporters and Doka's with green paint that claim German military heritage. This one has a bit more than paint to back up it's service, so if you're in the market for an ex-military diesel communications truck, this is probably the only game in town.

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AWD Beer Delivery Vehicle: 1990 VW Doka

February 13, 2016 vw, syncro, doka, 4x4

This auction has popped up on eBay once before and we didn't have a chance to write it up before it disappeared. We like what we see in this German import and it will be interesting to see what it ends up selling for if it lasts longer than last time.

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