Friday Garage Builder: 3 Quick Takes

A German, a British ex-pat, and a Colombian all walk into a bar. It's not the setup for the world's most obtuse joke, just a description of the 3 cars in today's Friday Garage Builder. Today we have a high mileage 944S2 for low money, a sweet Land Rover Santana, and to mix things up a bit, a guy in Columbia handmaking aluminum shells inspired by Porsche 550s.

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Room for 12: Six Door 1986 Suburban

January 24, 2016 chevy, suburban, custom

Lot's of SUVs offer 3rd row seating these days. How many have a door for that 3rd row and another 6 feet behind it?

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Labor and Love (and beer): Custom Vanagon Doublecab

January 23, 2016 vw, truck, custom

There are lots of custom VW communities out there. This Vanagon embraces all of them.

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Ohio Track Star: Hayabusa Powered "Lotus"

We've got a Super 7 / Caterham of some sort on our roster, but those street-legal rides look like Cadillacs compared to this homemade track car.

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