Late Model Crew Cab: 1986 VW Bus

January 29, 2017 vw, bus, truck

We've always liked these dual cab VW buses and this Brazilian-built truck has our attention. It has some of the telltale signs of a quick flip, but we're also intrigued by the air-cooled twin-carb setup along with factory disc brakes offered by this final year dual cab.

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Ohio Track Star: Hayabusa Powered "Lotus"

We've got a Super 7 / Caterham of some sort on our roster, but those street-legal rides look like Cadillacs compared to this homemade track car.

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Single (cab) Again - Cheap 1968 VW Single Cab

January 15, 2016 vw, bus, singlecab

With a typical "TheSamba" level description, the limited pictures tell us all we need to know. And we like it.

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