Odd 5 - 1998 BMW 525 tds wagon

We feature our share of German turbo diesel wagons, but almost all of them feature a tri star badge on the grill. This BMW 525 tds is a model we've never seen in person and we'd be interested in the story of how it ended up in Canada.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: 1994 530i 5-Speed Wagon

April 13, 2017 bmw, wagon, 5-speed

If we're being picky, there are lots of red flags here. 215,000 miles, rust bubbles, plenty of overspray from a "four stage paint job" that photos seem to show was applied in a warehouse. We could go on, but it's a 5-speed V8 BMW wagon. We're happy to at least pretend those red flags don't exist for a bit.

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3 Pedal 3 Series: 2004 BMW 325xi Wagon

We had a very similar E46 wagon in the Moto Roster fleet for a bit, and though it is one of our favorite BMW body styles, it never really lived up to our expectations. That was mainly due to the fact that our wagon was short one pedal and lacking in fun factor. This one fixes that issue and has a few other nice details that could make it a great driver.

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Checks All of the Boxes: 1989 BMW 325ix Wagon

December 23, 2016 bmw, 325ix, AWD, wagon

These aren't quite the unobtanium vehicles that they once were now that 25 years have passed and they're easier to import, but this one is still tantalizing. It has all of the right options and is only a few hours away from Moto Roster HQ which could make for a dangerous situation. It would look great with a red bow on it for anyone scrambling to do some last minute shopping for us.

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What's the Catch? 1991 BMW 325ix

December 10, 2016 bmw, 325ix, AWD, deal

For $4,800 this final year model of the much revered AWD E30 seems like it should be an easy buy. It's claimed to be rust free and the seller seems to provide thorough documentation to that end. We're surprised that is hasn't been snatched up yet -- especially by friend of Moto Roster Drew who sent it to us.

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High Miles + Low Dollars: 1998 BMW 540i

August 30, 2016 bmw, craigslist, e39

The E39's are some of our favorite 5 Series BMWs and this one is even more appealing with the big V8 and 6 speed transmission. The fact that it's finished in 90's perfect Oxford Green (they couldn't call it British Racing Green) makes it even better. Add a low price tag and a location only 15 minutes from Moto Roster HQ and we might have to find some space in the garage.

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V8 Wagon Swap: 2000 BMW E39 Wagon

This BMW started its life as a 528i wagon but it's now sporting a 4.4 liter V8 and a 6 speed. The circumstances that lead to this swap are somewhat questionable but the appeal of a 6-speed, V8, rear-wheel drive wagon is strong.

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Big 5 Beater: 2007 BMW 530xi Wagon

July 22, 2016 bmw, wagon

We've featured some more stellar examples of these rare 6-speed 5 series wagons before, but this one is more in the bargain category. It has plenty of bumps and bruises on the outside and non trivial mileage, but some recent service and an $8,000 buy it now price makes us think we could be riding in style this winter.

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5 Speed Swap: 1989 BMW 325iX

July 21, 2016 bmw, awd, E30

This 1989 BMW 325iX started out with an automatic transmission in Dayton, Ohio and currently sports a 5 speed in Los Angeles. Even though it has accumulated 190k miles in the intervening years, it still looks excellent. A good deal of recent service, including the 5 speed swap and a suspension only adds to the appeal.

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5 Series Meet 6 Speed: 2008 BMW 535XI Wagon

June 27, 2016 bmw, wagon

These 5 series wagons seem to be much more common now that they've trickled down to second and third owners. Everytime we see one on the street we peek inside and 99 times out of 100 we're disappointed to see only two pedals. This one not only has the 6 speed, but the big motor, and some Dinan goodies to go with it.

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Hard Miles: 1972 BMW 2002

May 31, 2016 bmw, 2002, runner

This 1972 BMW 2002 is beyond rough around the edges, but it's described in no uncertain terms as a runner. It has been kicking around eBay for a few weeks now, and we're tempted to see how flexible the seller is on price.

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E30 Oil Burner: 1986 BMW 324d

March 16, 2016 bmw, diesel, e30

Rarely seen (and never sold) in the US, this early E30 was imported from Germany and trades the much revered gas engine for a 6 cylinder diesel that was also shared by its 5-series big brother. Though this one is normally aspirated, the M21 engine also came in a turbocharged version that, among other applications, was available briefly in Lincoln Mark VII's!

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Early Driver: 1970 BMW 2002

March 11, 2016 bmw, 2002

This 1970 BMW 2002 is was a daily driver and owned by the proprietor of a vintage import garage outside of Baltimore, Maryland. It looks like a great combination of drive-enhancing upgrades and maintenance paired with original paint and a good level of wear.

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Shiny Shoe: 1999 BMW M Coupe

February 07, 2016 bmw, coupe, m

We know that a car is special when wife of Moto Roster notices them on the road. We figure with that kind of "support" it will be easy to work the 25k asking price for this 1999 BMW M Coupe into our budget.

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Very Special Order: 2001 BMW 325 Wagon

February 03, 2016 bmw, wagon

A 5-speed, straight 6, rear wheel drive station wagon with a red leather interior? That's more than enough for us to ignore the "unique" orange livery on this BMW Wagon. And, if we're being honest we kind of dig the orange anyway.

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