A Sleeper Sleeper: 2011 Toyota Sienna

Stay with us -- ignore the whole "boring" Toyota Sienna thing and just look at the stats. All Wheel Drive, pop up roof, Propex heater, heavy duty towing package, and an extra deep cycle battery for goodies. Throw in a factory Toyota warranty and suddenly our interest is piqued.

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80’s Late Bloomer: 1991 Audi 200 Avant

In our last feature, we preached that now is the time to buy (and maybe get a deal on) a "non traditional" winter car. We're ignoring our own advice now as we showcase one of the consummate snow cars of the late 80s and early 90s. In a time before SUVs were common, the mountain roads leading to ski resorts from Colorado to Vermont were crawling with these luxo-snowmobiles - and for good reason.

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Get a Car That Can Do Both: 2000 Porsche C4

October 09, 2016 porsche, 911, awd

With the weather turning cooler and leaves starting to fall, our fancy as of late has tended towards trucks and "traditional" AWD powerhouses. As one may expect in Northeastern climates, the prices on those vehicles go up accordingly as the fall turns into winter. The smart bet financially is to find "summer" cars that are about to be mothballed for the winter and whose owners may be tempted to part for them at a less-than-premium price. This 911 has the makings of a "summer" car, but its Michigan roots are hiding some winter prowess.

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Alaskan Loophole: 1997 Toyota Celica Alltrac

October 04, 2016 toyota, alltrac, awd

These third generation Celica's never really thrilled us, but anytime the Alltrac badge makes an appearance you have our attention. Against some odds this one has ended up with a valid Alaskan title - apparently thanks to a Japanese diplomat. We're not sure if diplomatic immunity will apply in the lower 48 but color us interested.

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$6K, 6 Cylinder, 6-Speed: 2005 Porsche Cayenne

August 19, 2016 porsche, awd

Cars this new generally aren't of interest to us, and we've never been fans of the Cayenne in any real way. Putting that aside, the rare 6-speed combined with a rock bottom price is enticing. If you’re so inclined, you really could get a lot of headache for your money here.

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5 Speed Swap: 1989 BMW 325iX

July 21, 2016 bmw, awd, E30

This 1989 BMW 325iX started out with an automatic transmission in Dayton, Ohio and currently sports a 5 speed in Los Angeles. Even though it has accumulated 190k miles in the intervening years, it still looks excellent. A good deal of recent service, including the 5 speed swap and a suspension only adds to the appeal.

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We Know We Shouldn't: 2003 Audi Allroad

We've been down this path before -- seduced by an AWD wagon with a 6 speed to boot. We had an 8 month experience with a similarly equipped Allroad that ended with us happily passing it along to another enthusiast with bi-turbo stars in their eyes. Enough time has passed now that we're crazy enough to think maybe the Allroad is a good idea again.

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A VW in Audi Clothing: 2005 Audi Allroad TDI Diesel Conversion

Normally these kinds of conversions give us pause but this one looks to be neatly done, and more importantly swaps the troublesome Audi bi-turbo V6 with a workhorse 2.0 liter VW TDI. If you're willing to put some faith in the folks at Ottostadt Motorwerks, this could be the Allroad that should have been. Thanks to Dimitry B for the tip on this one.

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Better than an E30: 1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro

February 20, 2016 audi, 4000cs, awd

We know that it might be an inflammatory statement, but we're going to go ahead and say it. E30's get all of the the love when it comes to late-80's Germans but we'd take a 4000CS over the BMW any day.

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Marvel of 90's Engineering: 1993 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo

We remember when these were hanging out at the dealers with unsellably-high prices and crazy (at the time) flared fenders and hood scoops. They may have been a tough sell for the Camry buying masses coming through the door, but even with 175k miles we'd love to own this homologation special.

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