Red Ranch Hand: 1963 International Harvester 1200

October 07, 2016 IH, 4x4, 1200

This 3/4 ton IH looks sweet with only 2 owners and 43,000 California miles on it. It has received a good amount of service to make it (dirt) roadworthy and the wooden bed is ranch-appropriate as it looks like it was constructed out of lumber and hardware from a broken gate.

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Now That's a Truck: 1965 IH C-1000

June 21, 2016 IH, truck

While the Travelette's get a lot of love from us for their quirky quad-cab layout, this C-1000 is about as pure an expression of "just truck" as has ever been committed to steel.

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Canadian Cab Over: 1965 International Loadstar 1700

June 14, 2016 IH, COE, Loadstar

We don't know a lot about these International cab over models, but that doesn't stop us from wanting it. It's like a Jeep FC on steroids that traded 4WD for cargo capacity.

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Step Side Flatbed: 1958 International Harvester A120

May 29, 2016 IH, 4x4

This 1958 International Harvester A120 has received an interesting flatbed-over-tailgate customization that we can't recall ever seeing before. We'd love to know if this was built for a specific purpose, or just to scratch an itch. Either way, we dig it.

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Desert Fresh: 1971 IH Travelall 1110

April 11, 2016 IH, travelall, 4x4

This 1971 International Harvester Travelall 1110 is labeled as a "desert find" by the seller, and it looks as if the dry air has been kind to it. It’s in generally not-messed-around-with condition and has received a minor shakedown / refresh. She’s ready to be further sorted and resume a life of travelling all.

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Scout's Honor: 1961 IH Scout

February 18, 2016 IH, scout, 4x4

Normally, under no circumstance, is a rattle can paint job appropriate; we think that this 1961 International Harvester Scout is an appopriate exception.

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International Harvester Panel Body

January 22, 2016 IH, harvester, 4x4

This looks to be an ambulance build to us and we're not sure that it would have gotten you anywhere fast, but it would have gotten you through anything. Eventually.

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