Gas Guzzler Grocery Getter: 2005 S4 Wagon

February 19, 2017 audi, s4, wagon, AWD

Though we're partial to the B5 body style, it's hard to argue with the appeal of the V8, 6-speed, wagon combination found in this B6. This wagon grew up in the mountains, and is currently on offer in Missouri. We're thinking maybe it should continue its trek East to join the Moto Roster garage as a combo daily driver / rubber smoker.

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3 Pedal 3 Series: 2004 BMW 325xi Wagon

We had a very similar E46 wagon in the Moto Roster fleet for a bit, and though it is one of our favorite BMW body styles, it never really lived up to our expectations. That was mainly due to the fact that our wagon was short one pedal and lacking in fun factor. This one fixes that issue and has a few other nice details that could make it a great driver.

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Checks All of the Boxes: 1989 BMW 325ix Wagon

December 23, 2016 bmw, 325ix, AWD, wagon

These aren't quite the unobtanium vehicles that they once were now that 25 years have passed and they're easier to import, but this one is still tantalizing. It has all of the right options and is only a few hours away from Moto Roster HQ which could make for a dangerous situation. It would look great with a red bow on it for anyone scrambling to do some last minute shopping for us.

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What's the Catch? 1991 BMW 325ix

December 10, 2016 bmw, 325ix, AWD, deal

For $4,800 this final year model of the much revered AWD E30 seems like it should be an easy buy. It's claimed to be rust free and the seller seems to provide thorough documentation to that end. We're surprised that is hasn't been snatched up yet -- especially by friend of Moto Roster Drew who sent it to us.

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4Motion Diesel Import: 2000 Volkswagen Golf

July 28, 2016 vw, AWD, golf

At first we thought that someone just decided to throw a 4Motion badge on an old Mk4 Golf, but upon further inspection this one looks like the real deal with all the right Euro bits. It has been legally imported to Canada and we're not sure what it would take to get it plates in the states, but we like the idea of this AWD diesel hatch as a base for all kinds of fun.

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High Mile Air Cooled AWD: 1990 Porsche 911 C4

July 09, 2016 porsche, AWD

The 964 C4 is our pick for THE 911. Air cooled panache, backed by early 90's AWD technology with a perfect styling kicker. What was a 20k car 5 years ago is pushing 50k now as is the case in most of the P-Car market. This one looks very clean but we're thinking that the high-ish miles and lack of use could make the price more obtainable.

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Swede Speed: 2006 Volvo V70 R

June 07, 2016 volvo, wagon, AWD

While we consider the 850 R to be the pinnacle of Swedish (and perhaps all) wagonry, this 2006 V70 R is hard to ignore. With its turbocharged 5 cylinder, all wheel drive, and manual transmission, it more than holds its own with today's offerings. Thanks to Moto Roster member Dimitry B for the tip on this little red wagon.

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