Air Cooled Bubble Deflating? 1976 Porsche 911 S

April 27, 2017 porsche, 911, 3.0

This 1976 911 S has deviated a fair bit from stock, but in a good way as far as we're concerned. The 2.7 liter motor has been replaced with the 3.0 from a later SC while retaining the 915 gearbox, and cosmetically a very light "R Gruppe" look has been attempted. The real draw here though is the $26,500 price tag attached to what sounds like a lot of air cooled fun.

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$11K for a 911 - 1999 Porsche 911

January 27, 2017 porsche, 911, cheap

These 996's have finally passed the point for us where they're more than meh. We haven't taken our own advice and bought one while the market for these unloved 911's is at what must be rock bottom, but we know we'll be kicking ourselves in the future once prices creep back up. This one must be more than just a little tired for $11,350 but we'd be lying if we told you we weren't tempted.

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Get a Car That Can Do Both: 2000 Porsche C4

October 09, 2016 porsche, 911, awd

With the weather turning cooler and leaves starting to fall, our fancy as of late has tended towards trucks and "traditional" AWD powerhouses. As one may expect in Northeastern climates, the prices on those vehicles go up accordingly as the fall turns into winter. The smart bet financially is to find "summer" cars that are about to be mothballed for the winter and whose owners may be tempted to part for them at a less-than-premium price. This 911 has the makings of a "summer" car, but its Michigan roots are hiding some winter prowess.

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High Miles + Highly Documented: 1976 Porsche 911S

May 09, 2016 911, 2.7

This 1976 Porsche 911 S is pushing 200,000 miles but has the documentation to account for just about every one of them. We like the stripped down nature with no sunroof and no power windows, as well the mechanical and suspension upgrades.

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Some Assembly Required: 1971 Porsche 911T

February 10, 2016 porsche, 911, project

Remember when you used to build models of cars when you were a kid? It's just like that, except replace the smell of glue with oil and multiply the level of effort by about 10,000x.

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The Right Stuff: 1990 Porsche 911 C4 Targa

February 04, 2016 porsche, 911, 964

964 targas are rare, and when we do find them they seem to almost always be tiptronics. Given the that, we're happy to find this Porsche that combines the targa top, air cooled motor, 5 speed, and AWD.

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It's what's inside that counts: 1983 911 SC

January 31, 2016 porsche, 911, track

Our interest in Porsches from the 80's usually leans towards cars with driveshafts, but this "modified" 1983 SC has us intrigued. We'll be the first to admin that we are suckers for ducktails and that's what originally brought this 1983 911 SC to our attention.

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Cheap, Fast, and Unloved: The Porsche 996

January 17, 2016 porsche, 911, project

Everyone laments "I remember when you could pick up a used XYZ's for nothing." That time is now for the unloved Porsche 996's so snag a deal and do something crazy before prices start going up.

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