Nicer than Normal: 1990 Land Rover 110 Pickup

Usually, a snorkel and diamond plate cladding on a "Defender" is enough to turn us away -- not to mention the price that these newer trucks command. This 110 pickup however has enough going for it to make us take a second look and pretend that we're in the market for a 30k truck. Is this one the real deal, or is it just $5,000 worth of paint and tires hiding much more trouble?

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Root Beer Runner: 1987 Toyota 4Runner

March 12, 2017 4runner, toyota, 4x4

We've been flirting with the idea of adding a 2017 4Runner to the Moto Roster fleet as a daily driver / grocery store giant. While this 1987 example doesn't have 10% of the modern conveniences (or safety features) of the 30-year-newer version, it has the 2017 beat hands down in terms of style + panache.

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Spanish Series III: 1974 Santana 109

A vintage Land Rover wagon is on our roster, and has been since we first saw one lumbering around town when we were kids. Though this Spanish built Santana doesn't have the full panache of its English counterparts, there's a lot to like here. This truck could be especially dangerous for us since it’s close by, we have some 912 money in our pockets, and the ever present itch to tick another car off or our roster grows exponentially with an open garage spot.

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Kill Two Birds: CJ5 with a Mercedes Diesel

As we look to check the next vehicle off of our roster, we keep coming back to the fact that we've never owned a Jeep. We've also never owned a Mercedes diesel of any sort even though our year end retrospective showed them appearing on MR again and again. This truck could solve both of those problems in one fell swoop.

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Left Handed Surfer: 1990 Toyota Hilux Surf

This 1990 Hilux Surf is an early build of the second generation of what we know as a 4Runner here in the US. This particular vehicle is unique for a number of reasons - both good and bad. We rarely if ever see a Hilux Surf in the States with the steering wheel on the left so that's in the good column. What's the bad?

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Early Rover, Late Motor: 1988 Range Rover

This Land Rover has the makings of a "best of both worlds"-mobile. It combines the ruggedness (hello exposed door hinges) of the early US Range Rovers with a rebuilt 4.2 liter V8 from a newer truck. It's currently on offer by the owner of a Land Rover restoration shop in Scottsdale and we'd be eager to see what a rig like this sells for.

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Impulse Buy: 1977 Toyota BJ40

Though we've heard nothing but nightmare stories about these Costa Rican imports, this diesel Land Cruiser in South Carolina has us contemplating making some rash decisions. No reserve auctions with 0 bids and 2 hours left tend to do that when they involve vintage Japanese 4x4’s.

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Turbo Toyota Truck: 1987 22R-TE Pickup

This 1987 Toyota Pickup looks to be in excellent condition even with nearly a quarter million miles on it (damn you, California.) Add the rare turbocharged engine to the sharp edges of the 4th generation of Hilux / Pickup model and you've got a winning combo.

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Jim's Jeep: 1981 Jeep Wagoneer

January 04, 2017 jeep, wagoneer, 4x4

We've got vintage 4X4's on the brain as of late. We know that winter isn't the time to be buying them, nor the time to be selling coupes to make garage space, but such is the Moto Roster syndrome. This 1981 Wagoneer is scruffy, but clean (for Western, PA at least) and is billed as the personal vehicle of a local, somewhat-eccentric car dealer (the aforementioned Jim).

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Red Ranch Hand: 1963 International Harvester 1200

October 07, 2016 IH, 4x4, 1200

This 3/4 ton IH looks sweet with only 2 owners and 43,000 California miles on it. It has received a good amount of service to make it (dirt) roadworthy and the wooden bed is ranch-appropriate as it looks like it was constructed out of lumber and hardware from a broken gate.

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Subaru Powered Syncro: 1990 VW Doka

The ad for this baby blue VW Doka is light on details but it's offered on The Samba by a longtime member and checks all of our boxes. Syncro, 4 doors, and a Subaru motor add up to something of a unicorn as far as we’re concerned.

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Crazy Clean: Low Mile 1987 Toyota Pickup

September 05, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4, 22R

This low mileage 1987 Toyota Pickup was a "vacation truck" on an island home in Washington state which sounds like a pretty good life to us. After accumulating only 35,000 miles over its first 25 years, it moved to sunny LA with its current owner and picked up another 30k miles along with a good deal of service.

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Pretty Practical (as these things go): 1980 Unimog Doka

Owning a vehicle that straddles the line between monster truck and strip mining equipment is never going to be a decision driven by practicality. BUT, if you've got your heart set on upsetting the neighbors with a Unimog, this 4-door model with a plethora of hydraulic hookups is about as practical as these things get.

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Not Fast But Furious: 1977 GMC Vandura 4x4

What this GMC van lacks in speed, it makes up for in just about every other category. With a new crate motor paired up with a period Pathfinder 4x4 conversion, it will get you just about anywhere. That said, you might still need to keep an eye on the 33 gallon tank to make sure you have enough fuel for it to get you back.

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Lil Red: 1964 Jeep FC 150

July 14, 2016 jeep, fc, 4x4

We're not sure of the exact odds, but chances are that if we come across a Forward Control Jeep, we're going to feature it. This late model FC 150 is claimed to be a great driver, and it's in PA to boot. With a $9,000 buy it now price, we're tempted to plan a day trip East to pick this up and hit the Victory Brewery on the way back to test out this Jeep's cargo capacity. We're thinking 20 cases easy.

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Cheap Cruising: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

25 years on, the FJ80 seems to have only gotten better with age. We remember seeing these new in showrooms with astronomical price tags, and wondering who was spending that much money on a Toyota truck. We're glad someone did though because now you could put one in your garage for less than $3,000. The question is, how much rust does 3 grand get you?

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Trans-Atlantic Partnership: 1983 Land Rover + 2008 Silverado

Our project 912 continues to occupy a lot of our Moto Roster time, but it has had brief moments of being a driver and not a project so hopes are high. As we sort through the ramifications of an engine swap performed by an unknown previous owner, we are taken with the GM hardware that has been shoehorned into this 1983 Land Rover 110.

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No Top Required: 1967 Nissan Patrol

July 01, 2016 nissan, patrol, 4x4

It's no secret that our preference for Japanese 4WD vehicles tends toward Toyotas, but this Patrol caught our eye. With the hardtop, the Patrol always struck us as somehow awkward, but in open-air mode this little 4-wheeler suddenly looks like a perfect summer / beach vehicle.

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Barn Find Wagon: 1956 Willys

June 25, 2016 willys, wagon, 4x4

After sitting idle for 10 years, the seller of this Willys Wagon has decided to offer it for sale. Described as running when parked, this wagon looks straight and rust free and makes us (optimistically) think it wouldn't take too much to get it back on the road.

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Right-Level Resto Mod: 1971 Toyota FJ40

We like everything about this FJ resto mod: from the PPG paint to the 3.9 liter Cummins diesel and everything in between. It looks like an incredibly solid build while not being over the top or too nice to use. No doubt this rig is beyond our budget, but we like its usability and stock look over some other "iconic" vehicles.

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Rootbeer Diesel: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser

One of our first write ups was for a brown BJ60 Land Cruiser, and 150+ featured cars later it looks like our taste hasn't changed much. This one is in Florida, has some recent engine work, and looks to have some potential as a no reserve auction.

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$12,500 Almost Defender: 1978 Land Rover 109 Santana

We're fans of the vehicles that the boys at Valencia Classic Vehicles import and based on their eBay account, it looks like they just had a ship come in - literally. They have a wide array of Spanish Santana's to choose from but this scruffy 109 driver caught our eye.

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Diesel Disco: 1995 Land Rover Discovery w/200Tdi

This 1995 Land Rover Discovery is on offer by Zombie Motors in Georgia who swapped a 200Tdi motor in place of the 3.5 liter V8. The truck itself is scruffy, but claimed to be rust free. If that's the case, this 5 speed, diesel Discovery for less than $10,000 could be worth a look.

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Step Side Flatbed: 1958 International Harvester A120

May 29, 2016 IH, 4x4

This 1958 International Harvester A120 has received an interesting flatbed-over-tailgate customization that we can't recall ever seeing before. We'd love to know if this was built for a specific purpose, or just to scratch an itch. Either way, we dig it.

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Super Clean Build: 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715

Things have been quiet around MR HQ this week as we've been on a swing through the West Coast. Though the Bay Area is a powerful draw for Moto Roster fodder with its intersection of disposable income and gentle climate, our first feature now that we're back is from right up the road in Western Pennsylvania. Better yet, while its zipcode may say PA, its rust levels are CA.

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Japan + Brazil + Germany = 1991 Toyota Bandeirante

We see these Brazilian Land Cruiser variants offered occasionally in the US but not nearly as much as their Central American import cousins. The Bandeirantes have slightly different styling, but we're intrigued by the youth of this truck which is new to the states thanks to the 25 year import rule.

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Sub-5k Land Rover: 1991 Range Rover Classic

A 1991 Range Rover for less than $5,000 conjures images of rust, electrical nightmares, and lots of quality time riding shotgun with your local AAA driver. Even so, we're intrigued by this truck's history, maintenance record, and seemingly straightforward seller.

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Topless Brit: 1985 Land Rover 90

April 29, 2016 land rover, 90, 4x4

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to open vehicles. While we love roadsters, our preference runs towards the "practicality" that 4x4's offer when it comes to open top motoring. With Summer fever kicking in, this Land Rover caught our eye with its LHD and stripped down simplicity. The shot if it parked next to a 110 and Syncro didn't hurt either.

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Clean on the Inside, Green on the Outside: 1987 Mercedes Benz 230GE

Though it's army green, this is a civilian spec G class with a gas engine and plenty of bumps and bruises on the outside. The inside looks very clean, and with less than 60k Spanish miles on it, it could be a winner.

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Hellrot Juxtaposition: 2 Very Different 60’s Mercedes Benzes

Things are a bit slow on the car-hunting front here at Moto Roster because we're working on some techy-stuff that we're excited to share soon. Until then, we're still out there scouring for interesting cars and a couple over very different Mercedes from the 60's caught our eyes. One is a luxury car with a big V8, the other is a truck beast of a 404 with a "little" gas V6.

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Desert Fresh: 1971 IH Travelall 1110

April 11, 2016 IH, travelall, 4x4

This 1971 International Harvester Travelall 1110 is labeled as a "desert find" by the seller, and it looks as if the dry air has been kind to it. It’s in generally not-messed-around-with condition and has received a minor shakedown / refresh. She’s ready to be further sorted and resume a life of travelling all.

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Who Needs Airbnb?: 1991 Ford E-Series 4x4

April 10, 2016 ford, 4x4, van

Though we love the Syncro Vanagon that's currently housed in the Moto Roster HQ garage, there's something to be said for taking the same 4x4 van recipe and amping it up in every possible way. The Quigley conversions are the gold-standard for these Ford-based adventurers, but this homemade F-250 meets E-150 mash-up looks like it's up to just about any task.

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Sleeper Diesel: 1995 Range Rover with a 300Tdi

How much is a 300Tdi worth? This 1995 Range Rover looks to be in slightly above average condition, but is commanding top dollar due to a ton of recent work, and more importantly a 300Tdi motor swap. We love these final year Range Rovers, and we love diesels but we're not sure if we love this one $17,000 worth.

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30 Years Ahead of its Time: 1985 AMC Eagle

Way before today's crossovers blurred the line between wagon and SUV, and even before an SUV was really a thing, there was the AMC Eagle. We have to admit that we never cared for these cars when they were more commonly seen, but they've somehow evolved into an interesting piece of 80's American Automotive engineering that we wouldn't mind driving.

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Ready for the Masters: 1961 Willys FC170

April 05, 2016 willys, fc, 4x4

This 1961 FC170 is located in Georgia, about 3 hours south of Augusta National. We don't know how welcome it would be on Magnolia Lane or at the champion’s dinner, but the original paint looks like it would match a green jacket just about perfectly.

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Forget the Unimog: 1984 MAN G90 4x4 Rescue Vehicle

Thinking about a privateer Dakar campaign and need a vehicle to support the effort? Looking for the right base for your ultimate overland RV? Tired of needing to haul 5 or 6 tons of cargo through blizzard conditions and not having a vehicle that's up to the task? We've got just the vehicle for you.

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Cherry 3 Door Chevy: 1969 Suburban C20

April 01, 2016 chevy, suburban, 4x4

This 1969 Suburban C20 was built in Fremont and spent its whole life with one family in Hermosa Beach. Showing only 63,000 miles, it looks like life in Southern California has treated this big 4x4 pretty well.

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Clean Cruiser: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

The seller of this 1985 FJ60 is a Land Cruiser enthusiast and needs to thin out his herd of 4x4's a bit. This no reserve auction could be a good chance to pick up a clean, high-ish mileage FJ that has some interesting options and additions.

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25 Years of Range Roving: 1995 Range Rover LWB

This Rover must be rare because the seller uses that word no less than 5 times in the description. Though it has been hanging around on eBay for some time, there's no arguing that this Aspen Silver over Ash Gray truck looks to be in great condition even with over 200k miles. The 1995 model is generally regarded as the year to have, and maybe this 25th anniversary edition is the one to have now that it is old enough to drink.

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When Wagons Became SUVs: 1975 Jeep Cherokee

March 20, 2016 jeep, cherokee, 4x4

These vintage Cherokees and Wagoneers have been gaining more and more respect lately as people realize that maybe Jeep (in its various forms) was onto something way back when. First referred to as a "Sport Utility" in the 1974 Jeep sales material, these trucks mark the starting point of a market that is still growing today. This 2 Door Cherokee looks to be in semi-shabby, but original condition and could be a great example to breathe new life into.

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Like a side by side with AC: 1987 Suzuki Samurai

March 15, 2016 suzuki, 4x4

If you're looking to get into some tight spots off-road, you might be thinking about one of the many side by sides that have exploded in the market lately. As an alternative to that, we submit this 1987 Samurai tintop. A real roof, low miles, and an owner that's willing to meet you in the mountains for a real test drive make this Suzuki worth a look in our book.

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16" of Ground Clearance for $11k: 1987 AM General HMMWV

Out taste in 4x4s usually tends toward Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, and Willys'. This ex-military 1987 Humvee makes all of those look like toys. We know it's ridiculous, and who knows what it takes to get a plate on this thing, but still: this seems like a lot of vehicle for $11k.

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California Loves Toyotas: 1988 4Runner

March 10, 2016 toyota, 4x4, 4runner

The seller of this 1988 4Runner must have been in such a hurry to get it for sale that he couldn't even slow down while taking the photos. Blurry photos don't really matter when you've got these kinds of stats: 1 owner, 112k miles, and a 22RE. He could have left the lens cap on and we don't think it would hurt the outcome of this auction.

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Last of the 40's - 1983 Toyota FJ40

March 08, 2016 toyota, 4x4, FJ40

We can't believe that we haven't featured an FJ40 on Moto Roster yet, so let's fix that with one of the rarest around. Opinions differ about the exact number, but in 1983 there were only a handful of FJ40's sold in the US. This one with factory power steering and AC makes it one of the rarest around, and a quality soda blast and respray may push it into ridiculous money.

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200 miles a year for 50 years: 1964 Ford F-250

March 08, 2016 ford, 4x4, f250

This 1964 Ford F-250 has apparently only put on 9,200 miles during its 50+ years of duty with the Valentine Rural Fire Department of Nebraska. This one looks too good to be true, and we'd proudly park this cornhusker in our garage.

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Forget the 22RE: Toyota Pickup w/Mercedes Diesel Swap

We're pretty pleased that our experimental Craigslist Crawler found this odd duck hiding outside of Minneapolis. At first glance, we wrote it off as a rather run of the mill extended cab pickup with a "you're dreaming" price. Then we noticed that the crawler had flagged it as "turbo diesel" and suddenly we're interested. We love the 22RE, but a 5 cylinder turbo diesel is even more interesting.

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Driven by a Little Old Lady: 50k Mile 1993 Toyota 4Runner

March 05, 2016 toyota, 4x4, 4runner

These second generation 4Runners are our favorites. We think they're a sweet spot between the pure-truck earlier models and some of the awkward designs that followed later. This top of the range model has only 50,000 miles on the clock and is claimed to be all original. Is the $15,000 buy it now price too dear for a 22 year old SUV?

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Mean Green: 1950 Dodge Power Wagon

This 1950 Dodge Power Wagon has lots of new parts underneath a nicely used but not used up exterior. With an 8 foot bed, and what look to be 1 ton+ springs in the back, the guys at Home Depot with sheetrock hanging out of their 5 foot beds will have no choice but to bow down.

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1995 Fresh: Range Rover Classic

March 01, 2016 range rover, 4x4

It's hard to argue with the attention to detail that went into restoring this 1995 Range Rover Classic. New paint and upholstery look showroom new, but the work that has gone into this SUV goes way beyond the surface. Swapping a refreshed 4.2L engine into this SWB is a move we've never seen but we appreciate the effort. This thing looks like it just rolled out of the showroom in 1995, so crank up the Hootie and the Blowfish and take a trip back in time.

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Crazy Clean: Low Mileage 1995 Tacoma Xtra Cab

February 25, 2016 toyota, truck, 4x4

We normally see these with about 5x as many miles, so this 1995 Toyota Tacoma with only 41k miles seems to have led a pampered Pacific Northwest life.

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Scruffy Scrambler: 1982 JEEP CJ-8

February 25, 2016 jeep, 4x4, truck

Our preferences for oddball 4x4s usually tend toward Rovers and FJs but there's something to be said for some good old American engineering. With prices increasing on CJ-8's across the board, this $6,900 runner could be a great chance to get into something you can drive and sort as you go.

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Look What the Algorithm Dragged in: 1951 Willys Wagon

In addition to writing about cars, write code here in the Moto Roster garage (that's what pays the bills and lets us buy cars). We've been working on some tools that will let us find more interesting cars, from more sources, with less effort. It's still a work in progress but we're getting results. Here's an example of one that bubbled up: a 1951 Willys Wagon

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2 Doors & 3 Pedals: 1990 Range Rover Classic

February 23, 2016 range rover, 4x4

We see older 2 door Range Rovers floating around here and there, but this 1990 model is fresh off of qualifying for the 25-year importation rule so it's a bit novel. On paper this truck should be very appealing for the right buyer, but we're still thinking about yesterday's 109.

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Perfect Spanish Storm: 1983 Land Rover Santana

February 21, 2016 4x4, santana, land rover

We featured another Spanish import from Valencia Classic Vehicles last week and mentioned that we were initially drawn to a different truck that had already found a buyer. That guy backed out, but his loss could be your gain. 4 doors, seating for 9, a turbo on the diesel, and LHD add up to a perfect Rover in our book. Add to that Warwick Green with Alaskan White paint and a through refreshing and we're trying to figure out how to make room in our garage for this rig.

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Scout's Honor: 1961 IH Scout

February 18, 2016 IH, scout, 4x4

Normally, under no circumstance, is a rattle can paint job appropriate; we think that this 1961 International Harvester Scout is an appopriate exception.

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Short on Details: 1960 Jeep FC-170

February 15, 2016 jeep, willys, 4x4, FC

Details are scare on this 1960 Jeep FC-170 offered for sale in Amarillo, TX. It looks like its current use is an advertising vehicle which may not bode well for mechanical condition, but even so, it could be a great start for an FC project.

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AWD Beer Delivery Vehicle: 1990 VW Doka

February 13, 2016 vw, syncro, doka, 4x4

This auction has popped up on eBay once before and we didn't have a chance to write it up before it disappeared. We like what we see in this German import and it will be interesting to see what it ends up selling for if it lasts longer than last time.

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24 Hours From Execution: 1983 Toyota FJ60

This good looking FJ60 is unfortunately caught in the middle of a divorce and the seller would just as soon cut it in half and deliver "her half in steel." Moto Roster hopes that cooler heads prevail and wanted to see if we can help.

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Featured Roster: Shane's 4x4's

February 07, 2016 roster, 4x4, trooper

Moto Roster Member Shane S. knows what he likes and his roster shows it: 4x4s of all sizes.

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Pre-Kardashian Edition: 1987 Mercedes 300GD

We were always happy to see a G-Class running around in the 80s and 90s knowing that someone went through a lot of trouble (and expense) to get it here. That was the back when these things were for eccentrics and fanatics, not wealthy soccer moms and celebrities.

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Rescue Mission: 1969 Dodge Power Wagon

January 26, 2016 dodge, powerwagon, 4x4

We need someone to launch a rescue mission ASAP. Save this 1969 Dodge Power Wagon from the indignity it's suffering with those wheels!

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Semper Fi: 1955 Willys Marine

January 26, 2016 jeep, 4x4, willys

We have a bias towards FJ's when it comes to topless, vintage 4x4's, but there's something undeniably cool about category-creating archetype.

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California's Been Good to Me: 1992 Toyota Pickup

January 24, 2016 toyota, pickup, 4x4

Even though this little truck has over 200k miles on it, we can't remember seeing a cleaner one in a long time.

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Rare in the US: 1990 VW Diesel Syncro Eurovan

January 23, 2016 vw, van, syncro, 4x4

We always want to like Eurovans but we can never quite do it. This Canadian import might change all that.

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Diesel Land Rover 110: Roster Fodder

A diesel Land Rover 90/110/Defender has long been on our roster. This one, with some title questions, could be rig that moves it from our roster to out garage.

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International Harvester Panel Body

January 22, 2016 IH, harvester, 4x4

This looks to be an ambulance build to us and we're not sure that it would have gotten you anywhere fast, but it would have gotten you through anything. Eventually.

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The Best 4x4xFAR of 1990

A Range Rover Classic is on lots of people's rosters, including ours. While the 1995 model is generally the consensus choice, the 1990 has a lot of winning points.

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Brown on Brown: Canadian Diesel Land Cruiser

We're suckers for a 3B diesel. In a 40 series they make for a formidable off roader, but the extra "luxuries" of the 60 combined with the diesel make a much more livable daily driver.

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