Who is Moto Roster for?

Moto Roster is for anyone who's searching for a hard to find car. If you're searching Craigslist, eBay Motors, forums, or anywhere else every day looking for "the one" Moto Roster is for you. Instead of hoping you stumble upon someone who happens to be selling the car you're looking for, we make it easy for sellers to come to you.

What do I get with Moto Roster?

Moto Roster offers a number of benefits for car buyers. First and foremost, it tells sellers (and would be sellers) that you are serious and ready to buy. Secondly, it makes it easy to spread the word about the car you're looking for. It's like telling your buddies you're looking for a car and they help get the word out -- except on an Internet scale. Finally, you get the Moto Roster staff helping you hunt for your dream car.

Does Moto Roster cost $500????

Nope. It's free to use Moto Roster to create and manage your list of cars. When you get serious about buying one of those cars, you deposit $500 into our secure escrow service. When you find the right car, $450 of your deposit is released to the seller toward your selling price and Moto Roster gets $50.

What's the deal with Escrow?

Moto Roster's escrow feature is unique in the car buying world. Anyone can post a want ad on Craigslist but there's nothing behind it. By using our escrow feature, you put some "skin in the game." and show sellers that you are serious. This helps turn car owners into sellers because they know they have a qualified buyer waiting for the car they have sitting in the garage. Your money is secure in escrow, and you can cancel your listing at anytime and get your money back, minus our gas-money fee ($50).

Who are you guys?

We're car guys and software developers who are combining our passions and skills into Moto Roster. We have a long list of cars we want to someday own and we always have an eye out for them. As car buyers, we're frustrated when we can't find the car that we want, even when we have money in hand and we're ready to spend. That's where Moto Roster came from.